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Six people looking for a wonderful meal on a Saturday night in October. We will be staying at the Hilton Arc d'triomphe. Three star restaurants seem out of our financial range. Is this a price that we can find? The restaurant does not need to be near the hotel which is in the 16th.All suggestions appreciated.

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  1. you mean 200 euro per person, yes ? if you do not include wine(s) you have at least a few options -- you need to consider how modernist you prefer and whether you want a tasting menu of a few bites of 8-10 or more dishes.

    1. I'm a fan of Passage 53. The menu is somewhere around 110 euros per person, which should work assuming your budget is 200 euros per person.

      1. Is that 200 Euros in toto? per person? with or without wine?

        1. Yes, Relais Louis XIII, 2 stars, hardly ever mentioned on this board, 80e dinner menu. Much higher prices if you stray from the fixed menu.


          1. The 200 Eu was per person and I really hadn't taken wine into account. Thanks for the recomendations. More would be welcomed

            1. Not hoping to start an argument again, my pick would be L'Ami Louis. For 6 people you can just about order the menu, with the cotes de boeuf for 2 serving 3, the chicken for 2 serving two, and the young lamb for 2, with foie gras, escargots, and the gateau pomme a must. Food costs with water and dessert come to @ 100 euros a person and wine costs based on your budget, it is my favorite meal in Paris, perhaps the world, and the one l never miss in Paris. It has no stars, and has attitude and is shabby, but the food has no equal.
              Shame you cannot get to Le Cinq for lunch, your budget will be met, and your expectations will be raised as one eats like royalty.