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Sep 20, 2012 07:42 PM

Casked Brooklyn Bitter in Northern NJ

Since a trip to England 15 years ago, I've been looking for a cask conditioned real ale in this area, and up until recently, my quest has been in vain. Lately, I've been seeing pretty good reviews for Brooklyn Bitter that seem to point towards it being someone British-y (lightly hopped, low carbonation, highly drinkable) and I'm looking for bars that might carry it in Northern NJ.

Word has it they might carry it at Ninety Acres in Peapack, but I'd like to kick back a couple of pints without having to mortgage my home.

Closer to Morris County, the better.

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  1. Drop an email to Brooklyn's NJ rep -

    Mike Ferry - mferry@brooklynbrewery.com

    He ought to know where Brooklyn's cask beers are going in NJ. He's gotten back to me several time when I had questions.


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        I would guess stirling hotel. They always have the seasonal Brooklyn beer. Would be a haul but the Ship Inn has some awesome british style beer and food. Long Valley Brew Pub always has a cask ale but it changes a lot.

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          I wouldn't just limit yourself to Brooklyn Brewery beer.
          Here is a link that will help: http://www.cask-ale.co.uk/us/nj-cask-...
          Lots of great beer out there, enjoy the search.

    1. You might also check out the Shepherd & The Knucklehead Pub in Haledon. I know they often have Brooklyn varieties that I haven't seen elsewhere: http://www.theshepnj.com/

      1. scott123- also keep an eye out for Yards Brawler- a great session ale, and they get the yeast signature exactly right. It must be divine on cask, but bottle and draught is also superb.

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          Thanks, I've actually been collating a list of low hop/low alcohol ambers, and, while the Brawler might be a tinge on the dark side for me, the hops (12 ibu) and abv (4.2%) are right on the money- in a better ballpark than all the 5%+ abvs I've been finding. I will definitely be seeking this one out.

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            I think it'll 'bring you back', so to speak- and it has the benefit of not being shipped across the Atlantic, so it's got freshness on its side. If you do try it, please post back.

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              Okay, my travels brought me to Bottle King, they had a six for 8.49, so I pulled the trigger.

              Long story short, it didn't 'bring me back.' I'm happy I bought it, because it helped me to hone my bottle quest a bit.

              Compared to what I remember, and I have to admit, 15 years is a lot of time to carry the taste of an ale in my mind, the Brawler's malt is just too dark, too chocolate-y, the body is too thin, the alcohol note too pronounced and the yeastiness that I'm looking for just isn't there.

              Now I know that I can't really expect a cask conditioned experience from a bottle, but, even compared to some of my other favorite bottled beers, such as Anchor Steam, the Brawler fell short.

              I'm still grateful for the recommendation. Up until I tasted this, I was a little bit on the fence regarding dark malts. Now I think it's pretty safe to say that I'm not a big fan of them, across the board.

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                Yeah- it's a dark mild compared to an ordinary bitter, so there is bound to be a difference, but my hope was that in a broad sense it would be closer to what you were looking for than the alternatives. At least you were happy that you bought it. Thanks for posting back.