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Sep 20, 2012 06:35 PM

Arack, Israeli

Note: Ialso posted this on the kosher board. Arack, for those who might be unfamiliar with this spirit is a middle-eastern anise-flavored spirit similar to Ouzo or absinthe (although as far as I know arak has no wormwood.)

OK, so I'm looking for some good Israeli Arack. Back in 1989 on a vist there I found a cheap brand called "Aluf HaArack" which was very good. The only Arack we can get in Baltimore is a brand called Askalon, which is OK and certainly priced right at under $20 a bottle, but is made from artificial flavors, as it says on the label. I have read that Israeli distillers are actually making craft versions of this spirit, and of course, I'd love to find a USA source for Aluf HaArak, if it's still being sold. Is there anywhere in the Baltimore-Washington area where I can find a larger selection of Arack?

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  1. The bad news is l cannot help you. The good news is l drink a bit of Spanish anisette, made only with aniseed not licorice. Leading brands are Mono de Anis, available in most Spanish area in the States, and my fav Chinchon, not currently imported into the States. They come in dulce (sweet) and sec (dry).
    If you are near Rhode Island or an area with many Portugeuse inhabitants, they also have an anisette that is a bit sweeter than the Spanish but has the plant in a chunk of sugar in the bottom of the bottle. All are very inexpensive. Hope this helps.