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Sep 20, 2012 06:00 PM

ONE Dinner in Paris -- where to go?!

I will be in Paris for an evening and a day... with time for one nice dinner... HELP!

Staying either at the Intercontinental Le-Grand or Royal Saint-Honore

French or New French would be ideal... am a foodie from NY in search of a delicious evening :)

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Goodness gracious; give us something to work with:
    Type of French or new French
    What you've read here that interests you?

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    1. re: John Talbott

      Ha ha - I was just thinking that as I looked through the boards :)

      1) Price point flexible -- on a moderate expense account but happy to top up for a memorable meal!

      2) Area - preferably near the hotel or a pleasant walk or short taxi ride away

      3) Type - closer to traditional, but my interest is piqued by the modern as well. I have had the privilege of many delicious high-end as well as inexpensive meals of all sorts in NY, but have never been out to dinner in Paris, so am also looking for an experience of sorts - dinner in Paris, after all! Will be with 3 colleagues who are game, but perhaps slightly less into the foodie aspect than me (which is why I get to choose where we go!)

      Looking around here for a few minutes, I saw these recommended / discussed - Ze Kitchen Galerie, Chez L'Ami Jean, Spring

      So here is my modified question -- if I had 1 dinner without restriction on location, what would the hounds suggest, and if I had 1 dinner with the proximity requested, how would that change?

      Many thanks!

      1. re: saregama

        ONE dinner in Paris. For four New Yorkers. An experience. Wow, no small order, I think I'd opt for the new dinner format at L'Ami Jean. It's the new direction of a solid, well established chef, excellent FOH in place, something newsworthy to take home with you.

        1. re: mangeur

          Thank you mangeur!

          Have spent some more time reading the boards - any thoughts/ comparisons on the following?

          Ze Kitchen Galerie
          Les Violon D'Ingres
          Le Regelade St Honore
          Le Cinq
          Josephine Chez Dumonet


          1. re: saregama

            While all of these are reliable choices, I prefer places that are not on most Americans' radar (I'm from NYC too) . What day of the week will you be there? That will have an effect on your choices. As long as it is not Sunday or Monday, my recommendation would be Kei.

            1. re: saregama

              From this list, I would choose Saturne. I've been to the first 6 on your list, and Saturne is the only one where I'm eager to return. I'm sure Le Cinq would be wonderful, but also quite expensive. (I too live in New York, for whatever that's worth.)

              1. re: saregama

                Of these choices, my preferences would be Saturne, JC Dumonet, and Le Cinq. LC for dinner is light years more expensive than the others, at lunch only a little more. Saturne is new Paris, or really new NY. JCD is old time Paris, all three are good but the differences should be noted. Le Regelade, the original, would be my choice over the St Honore branch.

                1. re: saregama

                  Have you been to Paris before?

                  Personally, I'd recommend Josephine Chez Dumonet. I LOVED my dinner there last year, and am anticipating my return!

                  1. re: saregama

                    The one that stands out on your list is Ze Kitchen Galerie, it is John Talbot's fave but had practically no mentions until he returned to the board. It has been a few year since I ate there but I was disappointed both times. It was an austere room, fairly average east/west fusion food - doesn't NYC have lots of that? Modern French has gone Nordic or Basque: Saturne would be good but if one meal I would go traditional CLJ or JCD.

            2. Thank you all!

              rrems - it will be Monday night, or possibly both Monday and Tuesday

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              1. re: saregama

                Respectful of Phil's experience and mindful of Monday's paucity of options I would still go with Ze on Monday and Spring on Tuesday (if you're around).

              2. Thank you again...

                I have realized now that I have TWO dinners... the main one will be Monday night, get in on the evening train and will likely be a 10pm dinner with colleagues, preferably in the 1st (near the hotels).

                Thoughts: Regelade S-H or Frenchie if we can a last-minute cancellation or JDC-like place if one exists within a 15-min walk of the hotel (ideas please!)

                I am going to stay on the next night, and would love a dinner that works for me alone - all these places sound lovely, but I'm not sure they will work for a solo female. Don't mind (quite enjoy) eating at the bar of somewhere delicious...

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                1. re: saregama

                  Chez Denise in the first and is open most of the night.

                  1. re: saregama

                    for first night, Les Jalles on the rue Capucines... easily walkable from both hotels

                    for second solo night, Saturne ... bar seating... but a female eating solo is no big deal in Paris so you can choose almost anywhere and it will work

                    1. re: Parnassien

                      I'm a fan of both. This is a great suggestion.

                    2. re: saregama

                      There are no problems for solo female diners in Paris (or anywhere else in France, for that matter). In fact, my experience has been quite the opposite. I find wait staff tend to fawn over me when I'm dining alone. Hou should choose the place you most want to dine in and not worry about the rest.

                    3. Thank you everyone. As with the best laid plans, these too went awry... DInner the first night never happened (exhausted and jet-lagged colleagues and a very rainy night not conducive to finding one's way around in the dark), and then my trip got short so the second night wasn't going to happen.

                      BUT, a save at lunch instead... I tried Chez L'Ami Jean on a lark that morning, ET VOILA! they could fit us for lunch... Had a lovely meal, and the visit was saved :)

                      In case anyone is curious, we had the set menus (some of us the 2-course, and some the business lunch 4-course which was a bargain at 35eur)

                      Menu included:
                      First course - parmesan soup (delicious!), red tuna (very good, strangely meaty rather than fishy which was a surprise), black pudding
                      Main course - fish of the day (cod), veal cheeks (delicious), slow-cooked beef
                      Dessert - we were short of time, so skipped it except for the one that came with the set menu

                      We also shared a daily special of sauteed cepes which were lovely!

                      So, thank you again, and looking forward to the next trip!