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Sep 20, 2012 05:26 PM

GF Pasta Recipe

Does anyone know of a good recipe for making GF pasta? Is it that hard to make it yourself?

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  1. I have celiac disease and make my own pasta. The dough is a touch more finicky but it is not a problem. Do you have a pasta maker? My KA stand mixer has an attachment that I use and it works very well. My go-to recipe is on the Gluten-Free Girl and the Chef website. Actually, there is another version in their book so if you have that book you will have the pasta recipe. The dough tastes good plus it does not clump or get rubbery if refrigerated overnight.

    1. There are a ton of good recipes for gnocchi out there that are GF. Some use actual potato, some use ricotta and potato starch. Gnocchi is super duper easy to make at only need your hands and a fork for shaping.

      If you're looking for low carb as well as gluten free, mcf on these boards gave me the awesome tip of using strips of eggplant in lasagna in lieu of lasagna noodles. It's totally "at home" in the dish and is mar-vel-ous.

      1. I came across a recipe a long time ago that was a vegetable pasta. The recipe called for vegetables or squashes that would be cut into extremely thin strips like you would get if you used a mandolin, and then boiled to cook and substituted for pasta. For example, carrots could be used, and during the summer, zucchini could be used.

        Any easy recipe is using simply rice flour, some starch, and water, and rolling it out until its paper thin, slicing it, and boiling it. It's common to use in noodles, and in your case can be substituted for pasta. The texture is both the same, and the taste for this recipe is more delicate.

        1. I like just rice flour, yolks, and xanthan. I didn't measure, but I'd go heavy- maybe 2 tsp per cup of flour or 2% of flour weight. I was able to roll it out to 5, but it needed to rest for at least 30 minutes, better an hour.