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Sep 20, 2012 04:59 PM

Suggestions needed for early dinner on Saturday with 1 year old in tow (Vancouver)

Hi everyone,

Planning a bit of an urban afternoon this Saturday with a walk either along Coal Harbour or the False Creek Seawall.

Looking for suggestions for an early dinner, really good food, not too expensive that will be okay with our 1 year old accompanying us. Thinking something in Coal Harbour, Gastown, Downtown core or Main Street (I know that's not in the area but we could head that way from the seawall)

Fall-backs would be the restaurant at the Marriott Pinnacle or The Fish House in Stanley Park. If we were without kiddo we'd be thinking La Brasserie or Chambar or Lupo. I'm guessing L'abbatoir would be better adult-only?

Thanks in advance

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  1. If by early you mean at opening, I'd be tempted to try La Brasserie. It seems casual enough and you're not in for a huge wait or a big fussy service. I would not take a child to L'Abbatoir unless you make a reso and stipulate the glassed in area (and even then, might be iffy with a 12 mo old).

    1. Depends on your baby! We couldn't take our first kid anywhere. But #2 is much better! I would say If you go right at 5pm you are good pretty much anywhere in Gastown. L'abbatoir is not ideal though!

      1. One thought was to try an izakaya. Which would be most kid-friendly? I've only been to the Guu in Gastown.