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Sep 20, 2012 04:06 PM

one night solo in vegas

Have an annual guys trip to vegas-I have one night solo-looking for suggestions on the strip-all ideas welcome

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  1. Having been in your situation multiple times, I highly suggest picking a restaurant that appeals to you and eating at the bar. A lot of great places offer full dinner service at the bar and it's a great way to dine solo. "The strip" is a very general area . . . any part of the strip you're focussing on/staying near? I recently did a solo dinner at Julian Serrano in Aria. Good drinks, tapas and atmosphere.

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      Consistent with the theme of eating at the bar, I'd recommend Bouchon. Eating at that nickel-plated bar is just really cool, and you get to eat Thomas Keller food without investing 3 hours and a billion dollars for the FL/Per Se experience. Go early.

    2. Just a bit off the strip- Sit at the counter at Raku- One of the best dinners you can have anywhere!

      1. Thanks for the ideas-i will look them all up