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Hunan Taste Coming to Towson

Hunan Taste has been on my to-try list for quite some time. I was checking out the menu and pleasantly surprised to see that they are planning a new restaurant at 503 York Rd. It is supposed to be open by the end of November.

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  1. Wow that is wonderful news. Haven't been for quite a while as I don't get out that way!

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      crosby--what would you recommend ordering at the Rolling Road location? I viewed their menu and it is beyond huge. I suspect that I would probably order from the American portion of the menu--but I can be adventurous--as long as the cuisine/dish is not hot/spicey. Also, does HT serve wine? FoiGras

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        The last time I was there was before gas prices started shooting up so it's been a while. I had the pork belly dish...I love spicy but you can order as you wish. At that time they did not serve alcohol but there is a liquor store across across Rolling in the Walmart parking lot...

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          thanks so much crosby for your reply--I LOVE PORK BELLY--I can't wait to go to HT and order it--thanks for informing me that I can order it without intense spice. A tiny "kiick" would be okay. I am probably the only Baltimore born person who loves steamed crabs, but rinses some of the seasoning off prior to chowing down--I want to taste the crab sweet meat--and I love the "mustard." also--okay, don't crab mallet me down--I drink wine or a rum flavored drink with my CRABS--no beer for me. Guess I'm a freak and not a true Baltimorean crab eater. A perfect meal--steamed crabs--a cup of Maryland crab soup with the claws in the soup--grilled corn on the cob--buttermilk biscuits with butter and to dip in the soup--my Mom's baked shells with cheddar cheese, butter, oregano and tomato-paste based sauce--sweet, thick sauce and creamy sharp cheese. Some of the cheddar cheese slices on the top of the shells, then broiled a few minutes--OMG. Perfect meal---Berger's cookies and strawberry shortcake for dessert--then the ER--heat attack--okay--hopefully not.

          Sorry to get off track. I just can't wait to go to HT and get that pork belly---it is not a commonly available dish in any of the local restaurants. FoiGras

    2. That's great news since we live 15 minutes down York road!

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        Errr remind me to make sure I have the schedule of frat-sponsored event at the Recher across the street before I head up there for dinner!

        1. Not much of an update...it isn't open yet. We wondered about it for Christmas and called the Catonsville location. The man who answered the phone wasn't very forthcoming, but he confirmed the Towson location had not opened.

          1. Any news? I keep meaning to swing by but I haven't been around there...

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              I stopped by there two weeks ago to look at the whiteboard (which was not even interesting enough to take a picture of) and asked about the other two locations. They said they hadn't opened yet, and seemed to indicate it would be a couple more months at least.

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                I have driven by the location mentioned on their web site recently, and see no sign of work there. I haven't been able to get a good look as I haven't actually walked by, but from a distance it looks totally empty, with a pile of debris on the floor. I really do hope the plan is still on. I work right down the street and would probably eat there weekly. At this point, I'm not optimistic.

            2. Any news on this place? Still looks to be in limbo when I drive by, but it's hard to see what's behind the windows. I wonder why it's been delayed so long (and, of course, when it'll finally open!)

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                I have a feeling it's not happening. Last I checked, their website still said "Coming November 2012," but now their website is down entirely. It looks like they may have forgotten to renew their hosting (at least I hope that's the case, and there aren't problems with the Catonsville location). I'll still hold out a shred of hope because I want it to open so badly, but it's not looking good!

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                  We went to the Catonsville location for Valentine's dinner last night and I got the scoop from the manager... You're right: the Towson spot fell through. He told us that the landlord at the Towson location was supposed to provide a renovation of the space, but didn't do so (or didn't do so adequately, or perhaps didn't agree to HT's requests), so HT backed out. He said that they'll still expand to the area if they can find a suitable location, but that they haven't found one yet, and he seemed skeptical about the possibility of finding one anytime soon...! Anyway, this is sad news for us, since we live much closer to Towson, and because the north county is much in need of high-quality Chinese food (and would, I think, provide a good market for it!)

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                    Thanks for the update. It's disappointing, but unsurprising. I hope they do find another space in the area. I wonder if they have looked into the current Orient space? It's in need of renovation, but it's large and just a few doors down from where they were looking before. It would be a bit funny for the same space to go from the most inauthentic, Americanized Chinese restaurant to Hunan Taste!

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                      That would be great; I have a feeling they'd get great business pretty much anywhere they set up shop around Towson, too... I offered the manager some space in our apartment, but I'm not sure it's big enough!