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Sep 20, 2012 02:52 PM

DL Blue Bottle coffee locations?

So I'm a Philz devotee but recently became obsessed with Blue Bottle's New Orleans Iced Coffee. I don't live near a BB but I know there are a bunch of cafes that serve their coffee but aren't advertised as official BB locations. Seems like there should be a list of these on the internet but I couldn't find one. Two that I know of are the amazing Haight Street Market and Dash Cafe on 9th and Judah. Does anyone know of any others, particularly in Mission/Castro area? . . . or maybe that's just Philz turf?


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  1. There are a bunch of places that serve Blue Bottle in the east bay. Are you looking for places with devoted mini-stands like at Haight Street Market or ones that use their beans (Flora, Tacubaya, Xolo, Guerilla Cafe)?

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      I found one at a surprising outpost, Acre, at Montgomery and Union. A little clothes shopping with coffee works for me.

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        Both! Mostly I'm looking for NOLA Iced Coffee, which I know they have at the dedicated stands like Haight St Market but also at some of the places that use the beans like Dash. Thanks for the tips, I'll check those places out when I'm in the East Bay but would love more suggestions in the city!

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          Gotta be careful with the non-BB coffee joints. Kara's Cupcakes in Town & Country (Palo Alto) has the NOLA Iced coffee, which I have to get everytime i am at the ferry building. But this version, even though they use BB coffee, was incredibly acidic and frankly ruined the drink for me...

      2. Just because a cafe may use beans from a well known roastery, be they BB,Ritual, Sightglass etc etc doesn't mean their coffee will taste as good or even the same as the original. As for N.O iced coffee, I doubt anyone makes that other than Blue Bottle.

        1. There's a Blue Bottle at Third and Webster in Oakland.

          1. This doesn't fit the OP's geographic area, but there are two BB outlets that I've been to in the northlands of San Francisco: the Cal Divis Market on Divisadero and California (which used to be a Blue Fog) serves BB coffee--the quality varies depending on your barista that day

            I've had better luck at the coffee stand in the Village Market, a small organic grocery at 8th x California. I've never been there in weather that would merit an iced coffee, but their macchiatos are great, and I like the crepes too.

            Overall, I've not had great luck with non-BB outlets--the quality varies wildly, and though I think training is required when a shop begins selling Blue Bottle, the tenure of your average clerk means that the person who got trained probably isn't the person making your espresso for very long. If I wanted a great BB coffee in a nontraditional setting, I'd take the SFMoma official Blue Bottle over any BB-selling non-BB location.

            DL, but not Blue Bottle: I've had great coffee at the SF Rapha Cycle club, a road bike shop on Fillmore at Filbert in Cow Hollow. They serve well prepared Four Barrel; fellow quaffers likely to be bicyclists suited up for a long ride.

            1. The full service BB 1 block south of Market behind The Old SF Mint is not that far from you. That iced coffee drink is good and always sells out at the Berkeley Farmers Market.

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                Yes, BB Mint Plaza is the best option downtown.