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Sep 20, 2012 02:31 PM

Best Reuben in the Twin Cities?

On a quest to find the "best" Reuben in the Twin Cities and looking for some places to start. The criteria is pretty open meaning: suburb/city, lunch/dinner, alcohol served/not served, etc. Any nominations?

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  1. BishopsBitter, a frequent visitor to the Twin Cities, reported that the Reuben at Mac's Industrial was "top-notch."

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    1. re: lizpeck

      The great thing about Macs is that it is good and they will sell a half sandwich.

      1. re: ibew292

        The bad thing about Mac's is the amount of corned beef on the Reuben - at least the two times I was there - was lacking.

      2. re: lizpeck

        City Pages gave their nod to Skinner's over Mac's because it was easier to eat. Go figure.

        1. re: BatMan

          Ick. I tried a Rueben at Skinners a few weeks back and it was gross. . . they used low quality, rubbery meat. It doesn't matter what else you put on that sandwich, or what you do to it, it'll always be ick with that kind of meat.

        1. Nelson Cheese & Deli on Como near the fairgrounds. It's takeout only.

          1. Brothers Deli in the Minneapolis skyway has very fine Ruebens in several variations. My favorite is one with pepperjack cheese called the Pepe. (Note they are closed on weekends).

            The perfect Rueben was made for many years at the Minneapolis Club, but it has been deleted from their new, healthier menu. I do miss it though.

            1. My perennial best Reuben rec is McGarry's in Maple Plain. Thick slices/hunks of CB with just enough fat to keep the meat moist. Probably not the deal for people that like lean, thin-sliced CB. The dark rye holds up to good amounts of meat, swiss, kraut and thousand island. Good crunch on the outside due to, what tastes to me, like lotsa buttah on the grill. It's my splurge.

              Irish bar atmosphere, full bar, open for lunch and dinner.