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Sep 20, 2012 02:14 PM

Kid-friendly meal itinerary for upcoming trip Oct 4-8

I'm heading down to NOLA with my 5-year-old daughter Columbus Day weekend and meeting my parents (my wife can't join this time). I have a tentative plan, but would welcome any constructive input/suggestions for kid-friendly restaurants/stuff to do in town that weekend. Here is my tentative itinerary:

Thursday: arrival late in the evening with child so will have to live with room service.

Friday: Cassamento's for lunch; Hansen's for snowballs; Upperline for an early dinner. I'll head out on my own after dinner and find some music and cocktails.

Saturday: breakfast at Cafe du Monde; lunch at Liuzza's by the Track; dinner at Pascale's Manale. After dinner I'll head out on the town again--great to have the grandparents around!

Sunday: Elizabeth's for breakfast/brunch. I have Saints tickets with my dad Sunday night so we'll eat something at the Dome and then grab a late-night snack. How is the food at the Dome?

Monday: Heading home in the late morning.

I may try to do one "high-end" meal with one of my parents if the other will babysit one night. I'd love to try Root, but I don't know if it can happen this time. Are there any good festivals going on or anything I should know about Columbus Day weekend?


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  1. is a great local festival on the other side of the river. Very family friendly. Check out the schedule on line. Root doesn’t strike me as being someplace that I would take a senior to, but others may comment on that.

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      Thanks, shanefink! The Gretna Heritage festival sounds great, actually. Am I correct that I can get a ferry from Canal Street to the event? That's what is says on the website. Lots of food and music. Could be a great thing to do Sunday before the game. Appreciate the tip!

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        Apparently the ferry is no longer running to Gretna from Canal Street. That makes getting there a bit more challenging, but still possible by taxi I guess.