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Anyone know where to find Hatch chili's in the DC area?

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Santa Fe cafe in Arlington, VA is closing. Does anyone know any other restaurants in the DC area that source Hatch chili's?

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  1. You JUST missed the run of Hatch Chiles at local stores, although you may want to call them just in case:


    1. I'm afraid I just missed them a couple of weeks ago, oh well.

      1. Freshmarket in Vienna had them last weekend, cheap too, about $2/lb.

        1. The Wegman's in Columbia MD had a TON of them (both fresh and in prepared foods) last weekend but I don't know if they still do.

          1. they have them at Whole Foods. At least, the one on P street has them by the peppers - $1.99/lb (which is actually a good deal).

            Even though I was out of town, I split a case of already roasted ones with a coworker who is bringing them in bit by bit. I just eat them plain. So good.

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              Wish I had gotten some. I used to peel, chop and freeze them. Makes for a very good soup base in the winter!

              1. re: MoCoMe

                grab some at whole foods and roast them - $1.99/lb! My coworker, who is from New Mexico, says you can order them online as well but they are more expensive.

              2. re: Jeserf

                Yes! Thank you Jeserf, I found them as you suggested at Whole Foods Foggy Bottom on Tuesday night for $1.99/lb, I bought a pound, roasted, peeled, chopped, and looking forward to enjoying them in salsa's and enchilada's over the fall/winter months.

                1. re: Dewey101

                  i'm glad they're still available, 'cause that is a good idea to prep and freeze.

              3. oh sad to hear santa fe is closing…kip is a nice guy, but has been there for a good long run. fare well, kip. happy retirement.

                ps, i haven't seen the hatch chiles in a couple of weeks…what chiles i did see were at harris teeter.