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Sep 20, 2012 12:17 PM

Apple season

What's the story this year? I head it is supposed to be a thin year and I want to send some as a birthday present in early October. I called Dowse's a couple of weeks ago and they hadn't started but I also couldn;t get a predection on the duration. Somewhere I heard/read that things would be over in a really short time.

Any advice is appreciated.

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  1. Autumn Hills in Groton is currently picking, and yes, I heard from them that they expect a very weird, early, and short season, though I didn't get much in the way of details.

    1. The Alfalfa Farm apple orchard has opened for U-Pick and on last Saturday we got some delicious and succulent Cortlands and Macintosh apples. Other varieties to follow in the coming weeks. The orchard is across from the winery...

      Wilson Farm in Lextington also has their own apples for sale...

      As does Tendercrop in Newbury...

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        Macouns are ready at Alfalfa Farm. We got some really tasty ones on Saturday..

      2. Honey Pot in Stow is currently picking.

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          We usually go to their neighbor, Carver Hill. Smaller, basic - usually have decent Macouns but they were gone already - also mentioned the weird weather over the winter and losing a lot of buds to frost.

          We got decent Cortlands and Romes - $12/peck PYO.

          Decent cider donuts and cider. Worth it to us not to have the circus at Honey Pot.

        2. Last Saturday I went to Phil's Apples in Harvard and they said that that would probably be their last day for the season. The spring frost hit them hard. They said they lost 90 percent of their crop. They recommended Doe's to us. We went there too and they had plenty of apples.

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            Thanks to everyone..looks like Oct 10 might be a gamble. Maybe if I order next week I can get it in. I just wish I could get Dowse's cider but it doesn;t travel.

          2. try cider hill farm in amesbury. because of their geographical location, I think, I read that they have most of their usual crop this year. also great unpasteurized cider and cider donuts.

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              I tried the Cider Hill farm cider and donuts for the first time last Friday..delicious!!

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                The New England conversation struck a chord with this ChowHound in Florida. I always enjoy "real" apple cider during the season (when available down here), and it is already appearing in some stores here. Last week I said to my wife, "No, its too early. We'll pick some up closer to Thanksgiving." Maybe we should pick some up after all, enjoy a few sips in early October and consider ourselves lucky. Thanks for the heads-up.

                1. re: Florida Hound

                  There is no such thing as real apple cider in stores. It's all been killed (pasteurized), by FDA requirement since earlier in the last decade. Real - living, that is - cider is only available directly from orchards. The stuff in the supermarket is just cloudy dead apple juice.