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Sep 20, 2012 12:13 PM

Birthday Dinner with 2 Teenagers

I'm looking for suggestions for the holy grail of restaurants - great food, fun atmosphere, sophisticated enough for a special event (my birthday) but not too chi-chi for my two teenage sons. No restrictions, they eat pretty much anything...and everything. Thanks!

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  1. Well, I'm sure a lot of restaurant fit that bill: great food, fun and not too chi-chi is the latest trend in Montreal. My first thought was Salle a Manger, because I know they can do a group in addition to your other criterias. But you really should be more specific, considering the number of options (price range, geography, number of people, etc...), that would help narrow it down.

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        Thanks sweettooth, I should provide some criteria. Price range is moderate (so Salle a Manger is in line with that), I'm flexible on geography, and there are only 8 of us so we don't need a restaurant that can accomodate groups. Doesn't narrow it down much, I'm just looking for some fun places with a large enough menu (and portions) to satisfy two hungry teenagers, while still being appropriate for a birthday. Macaroni Bar is a great suggestion, we went there last year for my birthday but it was a little loud and we found it hard to have a conversation. Thanks all