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Sep 20, 2012 12:07 PM

Pasta choices on the upper east side/midtown east side

Hi everyone, just started working on lex and 59th and wanted to know a good pasta location. Now I am not looking for a restaurant but more of a cafe type place with a pasta station where you can pick out what you want. I used to work on the 52nd and 6th and was lucky enough to have a cafe dukes a block from me where they have the best pasta with a "pick anything you want" attitude, especially since it was pay per pound. Unfortunately I don't have a cafe dukes around me and the closest one is the one I did go to which is a 20min walk which would kill my lunch hour since it is a 40 minute walk back and forth. I was wondering if there was a pasta place similar to cafe dukes around lexington ave and 59th. Cafe Metro is definitely not an option as I have been spoiled by Cafe Duke's plentiful options so I am looking for a place as close as possible to that. Any help would be great!

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  1. Do you always leave for lunch or have you considered Seamless Web? That will really broaden your options.

    1. Not everyone knows what a "cafe dukes" is, ud: you may want to explain further what about that place endears it so to you, thus allowing the 'hounds to recommend something comparable.

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        Sorry for getting back so late, I will check out seamless web but honestly I want to go out and "hoof" it rather then having it delivered to me.

        As for further explaining cafe dukes, specifically the pasta station, you pick you pasta of 7 choices, you pick you toppings (not limited to 1 main ingredient but you can choose anything like chicken, bacon, ham, sausage, mushrooms, shrimp, brocolli, tomatoes, onions, etc etc the list just goes on and you just choose whatever you want), then you choose 1 out of 6 sauces (I always got alfredo).

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            I did not before but I took a look and unfortunately most of those places are on the west side and the places that are close to me on the east side are all Indian (the pay by pound choices).

            1. re: undead9786

              Look in to: Fresco by Scotto, Cucina (at Citigroup Center)

      2. Pretty sure they have pasta bar though may be too far for you: