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Sep 20, 2012 11:55 AM

Add-on to Cookies?

I love making these cookies:

But cookies seem too simple to serve as a desert to guests after a nice meal. They can't compare to tiramisu, crème brule, cheese cake or even brownies with ice cream.

Is there any way to make these slightly more elegant. I was thinking about making a milk shake, but it seems too separate.

Any ideas?

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  1. Make them in bar form and serve with ice cream just the way you would a brownie. You could also crumble and layer them with ice cream or pudding for a parfait.

    1. Dip half of the cookie in melted chocolate for half the cookies; with the other half, decorate with thin lines of melted chocolate piped from a parchment paper pastry bag. Arranged nicely on 3-tier server these will be just as elegant and nice as any of the desserts you mentioned.

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        Or divide the cookies into two batches: dip half of batch one in dark chocolate and half of batch two in white chocolate.

      2. just serve with coffee, milk, or a blended frozen drink. i think it's perfect. i love cookies, and guests who would complain about getting cookies, maybe they should get no dessert, and instead a cheese plate to go with their "whine".
        cookie on!

        1. I love a cookie and ice cream assortment. I would also enjoy the milkshake and cookie combo you mention -- just make the shake petite. It is not too separate it you serve the shake glass and cookies on the same plate.

          1. They look like they would make nice ice cream sandwiches.