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Sep 20, 2012 11:08 AM

Korean Food- the run down?

Recently transplanted to Austin a few months ago, and am wondering if anyone can give me the quick run-down on where to get Korean food, or Korean take out? I am a HUGE fan of kimbap, and if there is a grocery store that sells that as a prepared food - please let me know or point me in the right direction.

Looking through previous posts, I understand that: Somunanjib has good spicy, Korean fried chicken? (My guess to the technique is that they use corn starch as part of the batter, so to speak, but regardless~) - so should I start here?

What about MT Supermarket? Has anyone been? Do they have prepared foods? Is there a better one I should go to? I live in North (or NW?) Austin so MT Supermarket is ~ less than 10 miles or so from where I work and/or live.

Thanks in advance. :)

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  1. Check out Hana World Market, on Parmer near Metric, and Han Yang Market on N. Lamar at Justin for prepared foods. There's also a tiny little place on Airport Boulevard called Mom's Taste that sells packaged banchan, soup, dumplings, etc.

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    1. re: brentwood

      Thanks - I will check out Hana World Market this weekend for sure. I will be delighted if they have prepared kimbap, but really just being able to get good Korean ingredients would be awesome :)

      1. re: Lucky Basil

        Ingredients shouldn't be a problem. I haven't been to Hana in a while, now I can't recall what they had in the way of prepared foods. There was pre-marinated bulgogi, I know I bought that.

        At the time they were building out a cafe inside the market. The owners used to run a similar setup at the New Oriental Market, and the food there was always good. Don't know if the Hana cafe is open yet.

        1. re: brentwood

          Thank you! I will plan on some Korean-food gathering excursion this weekend, for certain! I am from Boston, and I kid you not, I would buy kimbap at this small Korean grocery store, years ago when I was a student, on campus - and I'd just clear whatever they had and bought it. :) A bit excessive? Maybe, but I run a lot so I tell myself it gives me energy if I am going ten miles or more. :)

    2. At this point, I generally hit Somunanjib for my Korean cravings, and not just for the fried chicken. I like the gamjatang at Somunanjib, Misung, and Chosun. I'll keep an eye on this thread, as I love Korean food and would really like to try anything new, especially in south or central austin.

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      1. re: tom in austin

        I like their version of bi bim bap - nice crunchy bottom. I seem to recall just recently reading something about a place up in the north shopping center that does a really great one as well (near Parmer?). I thought I'd saved it, but it's not in my places to try folder.

        We go to Korea House on occasion, but mostly because it's close to work.

        1. re: amysuehere

          Oh! It's Manna Korean Kitchen on North Lamar

      2. Mom's Taste is a tiny store on Airport Blvd that specializes in Korean foods prepared in house to be reheated at home. They have a couple of tiny shelves for dried goods like noodles, rice and oil but the majority of the space is dedicated to refrigerated display cases and tables filled with a good variety of Korean foods including kimbap.

        I don't recall much prepared food at MT Market other than pasteries, marinated bamboo shoots and spicy turnip strips.

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        1. re: Alan Sudo

          Thanks! I will make sure to hit up Mom's Taste at some point soon. I will be ecstatic for kimbap. I might even have my mother (who speaks Korean..I, sadly, do not to an extent to call myself fluent) call in advance to create some huge order. Super excited! :)

            1. re: brentwood

              Oh-my-gosh - OK, foodie confession! So I went to Mom's Taste after work today and though they were out of kimbap, I ordered 7 orders (2 rolls ea., so 14 rolls...I liked the number 7 today) - to pick up Sunday. But I bought lots of other stuff, and this is being typed after a binge of Korean food I just completed (!!!)

              Some fish cake + hot sauce dish (or is it a condiment?) and also some cod pancakes (forgive me that I don't know the Korean term for some if not all of what I am describing here), and a squid salad. I am soooo stuffed, it is not even funny. I guess to make up for it, I have to run my planned 12 miles this Sunday for certain, since I don't know what came over me, except maybe excitement that this is the first time I have had Korean food in months and I am delighted. :)

              Next up, try that place that has, among other things, the Korean fried chicken, if you will. And Korea House too (I will have to google map it and see which one is closer, but I will eventually try both).

              Thanks (!!!)

              ~ stumbling off to go catch up on WSJ reading, happily stuffed with Korean food :)