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Sep 20, 2012 11:04 AM

What shoes do you wear while cooking?

For those of you that wear shoes when you cook, what are you wearing?

I need to start wearing shoes in the kitchen if it is going to be a while. The feet and legs are starting to get sore more times than not anymore. I wear running shoes when i do whole day baking but I need something that I can very easily clean if food were to fall while I am working.

It would be ideal to find something that I can wipe off or ideally put in the washing machine regularly.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

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  1. You could try one of the gel mats they sell. They are life savers for those who are on their feet in one location for a time.

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    1. re: mike0989

      I have thought about a gel mat before but I am not in one place a good bit and also have a habit of doing a bit of dancing when I cook.... I figure that no one but the veggies are going to see me most of the time, and if they want to talk I can threaten to grill them. =-)

      1. re: Astur

        We have two gel mats and another (I cannot recall what it is filled with) in the kitchen. One in front of the island, another in front of the sink and the third in front of the stove. Love them.

        1. re: chefathome

          I gifted,handed down mine to my sister.They were two years old,3.5 years ago,still going strong.
          I am now on a double base,mixed HARDWOOD floor with a DULL,BOWLING ALLEY finish.I never need or want more than thick socks or clogs when working.

    2. Clogs ,there are several brands out there in catalogues for chefs that go into the washing machine and crocs.

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        agree with lcool, a number of people i know wear crocks. just hose them down and let them dry. not all the styles are sandals, some are shoe like, so you are less likely to trip out of them, although the sandal style are cooler, more air circulation.

      2. I've been a barefoot cook forever, but starting to need shoes as well. I would love a mat at home, but I do a good bit of cooking at the houses of various family members, and want something I can toss in the suitcase. I've been thinking about classic croc clogs.

        1. depends

          bare feet
          flat flip flops
          platform flip flops
          workout sneakers