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Sep 20, 2012 10:51 AM

Wine dinner for 8-10 people

An auction house rep is going to be treating my friends and me to a dinner of our choosing here in LA...but I don't want to go crazy pricewise (Urusawa)

The restaurant has to be BYO friendly for multiple bottles, and we need to have a big enough table to seat 8-10 people...private room is fine.

Any thoughts?

My friend suggested Wilshire, but I haven't been since it opened and wasn't overly impressed then.


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  1. Every Tuesday is no corkage at Josie and there is always Bizou, which is $2 per bottle corkage. I'm not sure about any restrictions so make sure to call before you show up and find out you're limited as to the number of bottles you can consume under the policy of the either one of these.

    1. Colori Kitchen allows byo wine, but it doesn't seem like the level of dining you're looking for. Just solid, standard Italian fare. Maybe keep it as a backup

      1. I had a private party at Cube a few years back and we brought multiple bottles of wine for no/little corkage fee (can't remember). They customized a tasting menu for us. Not sure if they are still doing this, but it was a very cool room.

        1. I Providence in the budget?

          1. Totoraku if you can get in. No corkage fee either.