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Sep 20, 2012 10:51 AM

David's Brisket House - New Location in Bay Ridge

This post is just a pointer since the title of the existing thread is misleading.

David's makes pastrami that can legitimately be compared to Katz's. Their brisket and corned beef is pretty terrific too. Now there's a new location in Bay Ridge to go with the exiting restaurant in Bed Stuy. Lots more info here -

Scroll down to read about the Bay Ridge venue.

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  1. Also flagged this week on the Chow Blog (in the section formerly known as Chow Digest and briefly Best of Chowhound) ...

    1. I was there...twice already, love it! I never got to their original location. I was planning for years but never went. As I rode home from work I turned up 5th ave. and saw the sign. Tried the brisket...for me to die for, the gravy alone I could drink. Next we tried the pastrami,which as you say can definately hold it's own against any of the heavy hitters, absolutely delicious,a bit smokey,not too salty,super good!

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      1. re: BonnieB.

        We schlepped over from the third avenue festival to give this a try, and were very happy with it. Pastrami was nice and juicy. Staff was also friendly.

        1. re: scooter

          Have heard great things about David, so today I went in and got a $10 pastrami sandwich, which was absolutely delicious, more than I really expected, right up there with Katz, which to me is the best. Staff is very friendly.

      2. Ate here with my son last week: l'm tempted to say that the pastrami is better than Katz's; it's certainly a better value. My son had the Brooklyn Cheese Steak, made with their brisket: it was fantastic, and only about eight bucks!

        Spoke with the owner, Sinbad[!], who was extremely nice and gracious. This place is an absolute winner, and man is Bay Ridge a beautiful neighborhood.

        1. We dropped by yesterday at around 2:45. You would think this would be a quiet time but you'd be wrong. The place was about 2/3 full with a steady stream of people arriving to pick up take out orders. The tables regularly turned over too.

          This time we ordered large sandwiches. Pastrami on rye with spicy brown mustard. God, this was just great. It happened by accident but we were well prepared to face those sandwiches. We had a moderate dinner on Friday and a light one on Saturday. We were *hungry* so we could really do them justice.

          No moment in the middle where you feel really full but force yourself to finish it. No, just a brief pause to wipe our mouths with napkins before making the 2nd half disappear.

          Quibbles. I wish they sold beer. I'd even welcome Budweiser. And second, I wish they used a better quality rye. The bread there is a step up from the flimsy crap at Katz's but 2 levels down from the Orwasher's at Mile End. The big pastrami sandwich is a hefty thing - probably 3/4 of a pound. It needs more robust bread to hold it. At a certain point we had to use a knife and fork to finish them.

          The residents of Bay Ridge appear to be supporting this place. About 50% of the people looked like they had no idea what Yelp was. Another 25% were local Muslims and the final 25% were foodie types on a pastrami pilgrimage. We saw one chatting up Sinbad, the owner, who seemed glad for the attention.

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          1. re: Bob Martinez

            The large pastrami sandwich is truly massive. Go there hungry.


          2. At the risk of turning this thread into an echo chamber, I will second and third all of the comments above. I visited David's just before the storm and also had a great experience. The same great brisket that they have always offered in Bed-Stuy, but in a nicer, more user-friendly space. Had a small brisket sandwich, and it easily held me until late in the evening. Staff was really nice, as others have noted. I will definitely sample the pastrami next time.

            The great thing about this location is that it seems to be open 7 days a week and closes relatively late -- so much better than the 5 day a week/close early schedule they were orinally on on Nostrand Ave.

            By the way, if you still have room after you finish your sandwich, stop by Leske's bakery -- on the opposite side of the street about a block further in towards the city. It is an old Norwegian bakery and one of the few relics of Bay Ridge's once considerable Scandinavian population. The still offer a few Norwegian specialties -- but I go there for their Black and White cookies. Very creamy frosting -- the best in the city, I think.