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Sep 20, 2012 10:27 AM

Need suggestions for TU alums on trip in October,-we're out of date!

Hi all, 2 questions

1) A group of TU alums are meeting up in October. A lot of us haven't been back to NOLA for a while. We will have about 10 people, maybe a few more. Any suggestions on a restaurant that can accommodate us all at one table, or a few pushed together? We have a reservation at Luke for one night and Jacque Imo's on another, but we are open to other ideas. We also need ideas for brunch and lunch, lunch would be Uptown since we'll be at Tulane that day, and brunch can be anywhere (not Commander's though, we've all done that before).

2) My husband and I will be staying longer and are excited to try some new restaurants since we were last down (from Boston). We have reservations at R'Evolution for Monday and would love some suggestions on what we should order there. Also, I was thinking of going to Galatoire's on Sunday, since I never made it there. Is it worth it? My husband has been to NOLA a few times but I don't think he's had that kind of restaurant experience (Arnaud's, Galatiore's etc). Also, when should we get in line?

Thanks everyone-looking forward to some good advice!

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  1. Galatoire's is outstanding. Muriel's has some private rooms that will accomodate you but you could split your group up and reserve two tables at most any restaurant. Mr. B's, Bayona, Emeril's, Stella and Clancy's are good choices.

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    1. I'll second Clancy's (5048951111.) It can get loud but it's a more the merrier type place for me. My other suggestion would be Coquette. Their upstairs level has some nice open space and the food is excellent. Galatoire's is great but it's no longer my favorite spot.

      1. For the group, look into G W Fins, in the FQ. They have a nice, quite room, and do some nice local seafood, with many local recipes.

        I have no issues with any of the other recs., so long as you can get them, with the time remaining.



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          Hey Bill, can you drop me a line at buskerdog at Got a quick question for you...

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            I can do that, but will be gone a bit, so do not worry, if it takes me a few days to get back.