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Sep 20, 2012 09:40 AM

Sunday Dinner with My Meatless!

Talking my niece and her fiance out for dinner, they live in Queens, me in CT and we are meeting somewhere downtown for a place where she can have a meatless entree (pasta?) .

I have ruled out Barbuto due to the fact that I have a business dinner there on Monday night.

I am looking for something at the Barbuto price point with a decent wine selection......any hel is appreciated.

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  1. I'd recommend Crispo, but it can be really loud. A Sunday night might not be as bad as a Friday or Saturday night, though. If you decide to go there, here are some vegetarian items I particularly recommend:

    Caramelized Cauliflower, Currants & Pine Nuts

    Black Truffle Ricotta Ravioli “Al Tartufo”, Parmigiano

    Pappardelle, Mushrooms, Sage, Tomato & Parmigiano

    Butternut Tortelloni, Sage, Brown Butter, Pumpkin Seeds, Parmigiano (a real knockout!)

    Several of the "regular specials" not on their online menu are also excellent, and all of the contorni are fine, too.

    By far the best dessert is:

    Tasting of Crème Brûlée & Chocolate Pot de Crème

    The panna cotta, the chocolate tart, and the berries with mascarpone are also worthwhile.

    They have a good wine list and some good grappas.

    1. Just recommened this to someone yesterday and I'll suggest it again for your meal: Public

      1. Try dell'anima or L'artusi.