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Sep 20, 2012 08:57 AM

LA Times article on survey of favorite burger chains

Five Guys at the top.

More information in the survey company's press release:

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  1. I'm sure they are getting lots of letters (from their few remaing subscribers) on how the survey is flawed. I can think of a lot of SoCal burger joints, that can loosely be consdered chains, that aren't in the survey.

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    1. re: mike0989

      It's not the LA Times but Market Force that did the survey. Cynic that I am, I was trying to see if Five Guys paid for the study.

      I'm not sure what the data actually means. The press release says they "first calculated the favorites based on pure number of votes, and then factored in the number of locations for each chain for a more level view of the results." How did they factor in the number of locations? If they merely divided by the number of locations, then the places that have multiple locations within easy reach of any given consumer would, in my opinion, have their scores unfairly lowered.

      But best for us not to take these things seriously I suppose!

      1. re: drongo

        Agreed. We can argue all day about who makes a better burger. But winning on cleanliness. Come on, I've never been in a Five Guys that wasn't covered in peanut shells.

        As to how they did the survey and cacluated the results. I had it drummed into me in my satistics classes that there are Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

        1. re: mike0989

          Yet, one has to admit it's easy to agree Five Guys, Smash Burger, In & Out and Fudruckers all serve far superior burgers vs. what's sold at Mcdonalds, Hardees, Burger King, Dairy Queen and Jack in the Box.

          I'd have placed Steak and Shake within the top five vs. A&W, but fully agree with the bottom five being fair, at best.

          1. re: Clams047

            Even if you think Five Guys has been over hyped, its not surprising that they came out at top given the the way the survey was set up.

            With a national survey like this, obviously the top choice was going to be a chain that's large enough to go national. Even if a place like Shake Shack made the best burgers, it was too small with too few places to even register in its region. And, a regional chain like White Castle would struggle in a national survey.

            To deal with those problems, the survey factored in number of locations but that would hurt chains with lots of locations. So,any chain like McD which has over expanded would get lower scores.

            So, the winner had to be a chain that was large enough to go national, yet still small enough where the number of locations factor wouldn't lower its scores.