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Sep 20, 2012 08:57 AM

let's talk stuffed lobsters!

Where is your top NJ spot? I take an annual maine trip each year and chow down on lobsters. My recent trip has left me craving more. I am referring to stuffed ones in particular.

I would have to say Spain is my top spot in Newark.

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  1. Don Pepe in Pinebrook is great. Not having to head into Newark is a nice plus. On a seperate note, I used to always order stuffed lobsters, but now I usually just ask for a female unstuffed lobster. I get all that delicious coral which is a free bonus and I save the extra charge for the stuffing.

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    1. re: creamfinger

      I might have to try that. Do they serve decent sized ones? 2.5lb or larger?

      I have to get to LaMarina in South Amboy (the same owners of fernandes in newark.) The fernandes stuff lobster is very good too so this could be a closer alternative.

      1. re: corvette johnny

        In my experience, the smallest lobster they offer is around 2 lbs, and they usually have lobsters as large as 5 lbs. They will steam them or broil them in butter (which is totally the way to go if you can spare the calories), and they come with a HUGE plate of Portuguese style fried potatoes or rice.

        If you're closer to Newark, the original Don Pepe is on McCarter Highway, but I think the one in Pine Brook (off Rt. 46), which is actually called Don Pepe II is a bit better.

        You can call ahead to check out what size lobsters they have on any given night.

    2. Stuffed lobster? NEVER

      Stuffed from eating lobster? ALWAYS

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      1. re: cantkick

        I know this is a moot point as Doris & Ed's is now unfortunately closed, but they used to serve a "stuffed" lobster that was sliced along the top and filled with chunks of king crab - no breadcrumbs, no fillers of any kind - just succulent crab - it was to die for....

      2. Jimmy's is Asbury Park had some nice 2.5+ pounders last time I was there....

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        1. re: fourunder

          I love Jimmy's, but the stuffed lobster is the single worst dish I ever tried there.

          1. re: MGZ

            Why so? I always have the Stuffed Sole and the Crabmeat filling is always spot on. I would have imagined the stuffing would be similar for the lobster.

            1. re: fourunder

              It didn't really bring anything - dry, bready, dull. Like I said, I like Jimmy's (hell, it's not that long ago it was the only decent place in AP to eat), but I wouldn't recommend that dish - especially at the almost seventy dollar "Market Price" it carries.

              1. re: MGZ

                That certainly does not sound very good. I used to order the Veal Chop mostly, but then I tried the Stuffed Sole and now it is my dish of choice whenever I go there. It's sad to hear they do not execute that dish well. I can recall others at the table ordering the lobster, but they may have been simply broiled.

                btw. I do recall you have a favorable opinion of Jimmy's from the recommendations you made to a fellow who came to Jersey for a wedding from Austin a few years ago.

        2. It may be dated, but Harry's in Sea Bright is still the best place to get most seafood (especially lobster).

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          1. re: JustJake

            You know..... I have lived here my entire life and never stepped foot into that place. Didn't they go out of business then reopen?

          2. How about Costa verde? I have had tails there a few times but I wonder if they do a stuffed lobster.

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            1. re: corvette johnny

              They've remained a fixture that isn't for everyone (those looking for ambience, hip vibe or a crowd who is more interested in who's there than what the food is all about). It's a relic. But If you want great lobster, it's harry's. You pay for what you get, but you will never walk out of that place feeling like you were shorted on the plate end of things.

              If anything, stop in for a cocktail, their lobster bisque and a salad - there's a reason, and a good one that they have lobster in their name (unlike that tourist trap down in Cape May).