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Bavarian pretzels for a party?

A couple of years ago, around this time of year, Reiker's in the northeast carried frozen Bavarian pretzels that could be purchased in quantity and baked/reheated at home. They don't have them this year. Does anyone know where I can purchase at least a dozen Bavarian pretzels for a party at a reasonable price? Reasonable meaning that I don't want to pay $5 each at Brauhaus Schmitz, etc.

In Bucks or Philly is preferable.


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  1. It might be worth calling Illig's in Chalfont.

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    1. re: caganer

      thanks, but they don't have them.

    2. There are lots of on-line options to purchase them for a little over a dollar a piece.

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        thanks, the shipping is a killer though. Can't believe I can't find a local place. I might have to make them myself.

      2. Have you called Brauhaus? I wouldn't have suggested it before but if you're having this much trouble it's probably worth finding out whether they will do this (obviously, for the same price they charge in the restaurant it wouldn't be worth it). They do make a great pretzel there.

        1. Another option might be to call Cannstatter's or The German Society and see if they have a source

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          1. A question regarding Bavarian pretzels please. Is this a brand name of a frozen "soft" pretzel or is it a distinctive type of pretzel or perhaps both? Obviously you love them, sadiefox. What makes these pretzels special to you? Thanks

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              Just did the read on Bavarian Pretzels which I should have done before my questions above. I get it they are special.

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                They are different than a Philly pretzel - puffier, a little softer inside and slightly sweet. You can get them at any of the German beer bars in Philly but I can't believe I'm having such a hard time finding a local bakery that makes them.

                I wonder if Philly's own pretzel culture is suppressing the availability of the Bavarian pretzel in our area, haha.

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                  The pretzels from Metropolitan are good, though not a traditional Bavarian style, they are more like that than a Philly-style pretzel.

            2. I did a quick search and found this thread:

              It's old, but I checked and the website is still active. Not sure what it would cost to ship, but may be worth a visit.

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                Thanks! The shipping is kind of a killer. I think we might be making our own pretzels friday night...

                1. re: sadiefox

                  Based on your love of these pretzels and the descriptions offer by Wikipedia and other googles: I am going to have to just "bite the bullet" and order them. They are definitely a
                  much loved German pretzel tradition.

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                    Can you share your recipe? I'd love to try making them and have made other pretzels.

                2. I do not know what Bavarian pretzels are supposed to taste like, and I have never tried them from this place, but there is a little kiosk in the Montgomery Mall called Bavarian Pretzel Factory or something like that. It probably isn't what you are looking for, but I thought I'd mention it.

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                    Thanks. My husband is scoping out the location in the Franklin Mills Mall.

                  2. i thought that talula's table (kennett square) had bavarian pretzels? at least they did the last time i was there (but this was like 2 years ago). you may want to try calling over there.

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                      The one other place you might call is Hop Angel. They are across from Riekers, and I know Scoats and Pat always have pretzels there. I am sure they will let you know their source.

                      1. re: cwdonald

                        My husband ordered them from here:

                        The shipping wasn't too bad, only about $20 (they are shipped frozen).

                        They are real ones from Germany. I will report back on how good they are.

                    2. sadiefox,

                      I have received my Bavarian Pretzels from Wolfgang's Pretzels. The instructions request a 24 hour freeze, bake on a cookie sheet , then spraying with water, apply enclosed salt and bake in a pre-heated 375 degree oven for 3-4 minutes. The result seemed to me to be an OK soft pretzel, nothing special and based on this I have no understanding of how a Bavarian Pretzel is different than a regular soft pretzel. Hopefully these are not a good representation of the Bavarian Pretzel ;which I would hope to experience some day with the expectation that it is noticeably special. Hope you had better luck.

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                        There is a school of thought that says using food based lye for the leavening is what will lead to the crusty exterior that distinguishes Bavarian pretzels. Did those pretzels claim to be lye based pretzels?

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                          CW....they claim every thing but...lye for leavening. 1000yo Bavarian recipe, flash frozen, best ingredients blah, blah. They are a bit darker than a regular soft pretzel. They are ok, but I would not re-order at half the price. But, I don't think they lye!

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                            Go to Brauhaus Schmitz and order the pretzel. Then you will see the light :)

                            We got ours and ate them this weekend as well. I thought they were quite good, although not as heavenly as the ones at Brauhaus or Frankford Hall. Oh well. They came all the way from Bavaria via WI so what can I expect!

                            It's more the novelty, I suppose.

                            1. re: sadiefox

                              What was not as good about them Sadie? I was at Frankford Hall last week and had a small bavarian pretzel. It was less than a transcending experience to say the least compared to what I have had for breakfast in Munich. But I appreciated it was warm from the oven.

                              1. re: cwdonald

                                I don't know, because I haven't actually had one in Munich before :-) I actually did think they were pretty good out of my oven -- more of a mental thing, I think, knowing they were partially baked and frozen and shipped all that way...