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Sep 20, 2012 07:39 AM

Looking for introductive suggestions/recipes for Chicken Heart, Liver, Stomach

Okay so here's the deal, everytime I go down to the grocery store I see chicken hearts, livers and gizzard but the thing is that I have never actually eaten organs before. In fact, I feel discouraged to try these stuff merely because they are organs. Now I can imagine that that kind of stuff probably isn't all that bad if you can only get over the psychological barrier that is telling me that this stuff is nasty and gross.

So therefore, I have decided to try these things, of course not all in one dish though!

So therefore I am looking for suggestions as to what I should do with these organs. The organs don't have to be the main component in the dish either! Also I think that the more simple the dish is, the more discouraged I will be when I am eating it.

For example, I've seen many suggest to simply fry the hearts with salt and pepper but to me, that sounds like a very bad way of introducing it to me. It's like capers, couldn't stand them but mixed with some tartar sauce or like in a puttanesca sauce, I gotten used to them.

Edit: I actually meant organs as in heart, liver, gizzard, not intestines! /englishfail

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  1. Where do you shop? Chicken livers, hearts and kidneys I've seen. Never stomach or intestine.

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    1. re: Bkeats

      Sorry, english fail on my part. I meant organs, I confused "organs" with "intestines"

    2. Ina Garten's recipe for chopped liver is fantastic, and a great way to enjoy chicken livers. FYI, none of these things are intestines. They are internal organs, BIG difference. And I've never seen chicken stomachs on sale, anywhere. Perhaps you are thinking about giblets? Those just get roasted along with the chicken and fought over around here. ;)

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        I don't know. I know that a direct translation from my language would be stomach though but you are probably right, I am probably refering to the giblets. As you might notice, not only do my english fail me, my knowledge of anatomy is rather limited...

        1. re: lottobear

          Okay, no worries. Again, I highly recomme nd Ina Garten's recipe.

          I don't care for the heart, but I'm sure others will have suggestions there, and the gizzard (I guess we mislabel that around here as we call it a giblet, mea culpa) is yummy just roasted along side the chicken.

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            Thanks, I like that recipe actually haha, chopped to tiny bits sounds like an excellent way to try it out!

        2. re: tzurriz

          crop with the working grit part removed = gizzard,translates to stomach in much of the world

          gizzard,one of the "giblets" , heart and liver are two more

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            Ok thanks I'll edit the original post, replacing stomach with gizzard then!

            Edit: Unfortunately you cannot edit the title. :(

        3. Hehe, this became quite the mess...

          1. Liver requires a quick cooking. If it's just the one that comes with a bird, I quickly fry it, and eat with salt and pepper. If you have a lot, either fix them like this for a lot of people, or look for a recipe that makes some sort of pate, spread from them.

            Hearts and gizzards require longer cooking, especially the gizzards. Usually I do a Chinese style 'red cook', simmer them in a broth that is rich in soy sauce. Duck gizzards are even better for this than chicken.

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            1. re: paulj

              Hearts are great for yakitori. String on a skewer, grill and baste with teriyaki sauce for a simple version.

            2. I've never cook gizzards, but I used to eat them fried as a kid and loved them.