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Sep 20, 2012 07:27 AM

Best Place to Buy Porterhouse or NY Strip Steak for the Grill


I'm grilling a special meal on Sunday. A request was put in for steak. I rarely eat steak, so looking for some help on where to go for four of the very best. Will drive if worth it - 50 mile radius of Twin Cities.


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  1. I've noted in previous threads that Widmer's in St. Paul has a great reputation. Maybe search the threads for them?

    1. We have been extremely satisfied with the Porterhouses we have been getting from Lunds & Byerly's, even when they have been on sale at $7.99/lb the meat has been tender, delicious with good true beef flavor. Be sure to get your porterhouse from the butcher counter where they have the nice thick ones. The ones wrapped up in the meat aisle are often a thinner cut.

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        You're going to get 100's of answers with just about every damn butcher shop in town by the end of this thread. Since I live in Saint Paul, here are my suggestions for the East Side of the river.

        Big Box Retailer - Lunds or Byerlys
        Big Box Retail Club - Costco
        Special Cuts/Events -Angus Meat Market on Highway 61
        Best Value - Morelli's which is by cash or check only. No credit cards

        Let us know if you need advice on grilling the steak. BTW: I think Ribeye is the king of grilled meats. Nothing beats a good bone-in ribeye which is why its the one you see most often at restaurants. I'd consider that before porterhouse or NY strip. Just my two cents.

      2. Clancey's.

        haven't tried them yet but Costco does carry Prime Ribeye, look good. To echo Db, ribeye is definitely the way to go.

        1. +2 on the ribeye.

          You don't have to go very far. Ignore the fact that it's a chain grocery store and consider Kowalski's. They have USDA Prime.

          Clancey's is a great bet.

          I used to live up two blocks from Widmer's, and still stop in there every now and then. Perfectly fine, honest-to-goodness butchering, and your guest(s) of honor will enjoy, but it's not as good as some of the other places being noted.

          Byerly's/Lunds also has good stuff, but they stopped carrying Prime a while back (if that's really important to you).

          1. I got some really spectacular Wagyu-style beef (Australian) from Kowalski's last month.