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Sep 20, 2012 06:55 AM

Fish bones at the fish market?

Planning to make bouillabaisse this weekend and I'm in need of some fish bones. Does anyone know if I can buy bones/heads at the fish market on Maine Ave in DC? I'll be buying the rest of my fish there, so it'd be a big help.

I'm thinking maybe from the cleaning stall?

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  1. Captain White sells salmon heads with the rest of the bones attached 3 for $5.

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    1. re: agarnett100

      I recommend against salmon bones for a traditional bouillabase. They are good for soups and stews but the end result will be distinctlly salmony.

      1. re: agarnett100

        I have done this using salmon heads and bones. My recommendation is DON"T. It doesn't turn out right.

        I've gotten bones from H mart fish counter for free but that was couple of years ago (I don't know if they have a policy or anything). My wife perfect spanish when asking as well.

        1. re: Soup

          yeah - should've specified - i'm looking for white fish for stock...

          H mart might be a good idea, but it's far - i figure worst case, I can spend a half hour in the fish cleaning trailer at the market and ask people for their bones (maybe offer to pay for cleaning in exchange for their scraps?)

          1. re: unburritable

            If H Mart is too far then Wegmans wouldn't work for you. But I thought I'd share that Wegmans sold me fish bones as well as lobster shells for a fair price. And apparently they also have shrimp shells but didn't have them in stock that day. Awesome additions for seafood broths.

            1. re: shake N baik

              thanks - that's really good to know. Hard to turn down an excuse to go to wegmans