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Sep 20, 2012 06:43 AM

Criteria for city-specific board?

Was wondering what factors come into play when deciding a city merits it's own thread. My personal issue here is the status of San Antonio as part of the Texas board. Not meaning to be a stereotypical Texas braggart, but this is one very large state.Of course I recall that when I first started posting here the only city in the state with it's own board was Austin and recognize that the Texas board benefitted from having Dallas and Houston spun off. I will also acknowledge that the San Antonio posting/reviewing community is not a large one; that being said, I really feel that SA's reputation as a travel destination and rich culinary heritage merit consideration for a spin off.

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  1. We made those decisions in the last round of changes based on number of posts about a city on Chowhound, and how those posts fit into the board they were on now, as well as outside factors like overall population.