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Sep 20, 2012 06:32 AM

Graham Elliott

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  1. GE has got some serious problems, and I mean the chef as much as the resto. It's not a coincidence or atmospheric anomaly that he keeps losing talent. Then again, he did train under Charlie Trotter, and was probably the chef's most avid supporter, and so their tyrannical egos are cut from the same cloth. I've been to GE and it was good, not great; been to the sandwich shop and it was OK, not good. He needs to spend more time working the line and getting his ship righted than spending time on TV or growing his empire.

    Rome wasn't built in a day... but it did burn down in one night.

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    1. re: grimaldi

      Love that analogy grimaldi!

      I recall when GE started on Master Chef and his mom posted on CH. I felt her pride and felt so happy for his success. I hope all these events act as a catalyst for positive change for the Chef and his restaurants.

    2. I was just there a couple of nights ago. Great cocktails to start the evening in the lounge area. When we were seated it took some time to get anyone's attention. The waiter was an air-head. Had service been more efficient they would have sold us another bottle of wine because we had plenty of time to drink it. So, in short, the service was marginal. We ordered a la carte simply because it took so long to get our drink order we were afraid we'd be there all night.

      All of that being said, GE was in the house and the food was absolutely fantastic. If not for the slowish service it would have been a fabulous evening.