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Sep 20, 2012 05:55 AM

Bollywood Bistro in Pleasantville Closed

Planned on meeting some friends for dinner there last night to discover it was closed, apparently outof business--several other people showed up as well and were surprised by the abrupt closure. Anytime we've been there, it has been crowded, anyone know what happened?
We wound up going to the new Asian fusion joint down the street, which was actually pretty good.

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  1. I am not surprised. We went there for the lunch buffet once. Food was extremely mediocre and if you want any more naan than what they initially give you, they wanted to charge extra. Kind of defeats the purpose...

    1. Thats too bad...always liked it there and they delivered too! Passage to India in Mt Kisco is good

      1. What?!?!?! No way!!!!!!! I enjoyed going there or takeout...The owner is such a sweet woman.....I liked it there better than Passage to India here in Mt. Kisco....But from what I heard someone who worked for her opend The Little Kebab House in Mt kisco. They are expanding to a sit down restaurant since they bought the Cigar place next door....They took up 3 stores!! Maybe she went there?????

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          The space that was the the cigar store, is going to be a crepe place, but same owner as The Little Kebab House. Felt like the area could support both places, Bollywood was much more a "restaurant". While I love the food at the Little Kabab,, on a night I would like to have a more sit down meal, Bollywood was much more suitable.

          1. re: apples

            So Little Kebab House is going to make crepes? That's weird but looking foward to see what it is....Crepes are usually "french" more or less. I saw an ad looking for staff for a crepe place to open on Craigslist. And I agree about wanting a sit down meal.

        2. We always liked Bollywood Bistro and we were just there 2 weeks ago. It was not crowded on that Saturday night. My husband loves their chicken tikka masala and I will say that it was not as good as usual on this past visit. But everything else was still good.

          Sorry to see it go.

          ETA: According to their website, they are looking for a new space...but who knows.

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          1. re: valerie

            She did talk months ago about another location. Didn't realise she meant closing this place completly. I really enjoyed their food.....Sorry to see it go also! I wll have to get my fix down the street at Kebab House!

          2. So it appears that this place is open and called Bhog. Has anyone been there?


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              Just got home from dinner at Bhog--it was very enjoyable! Very friendly service--started with cone shaped papadums with three dips--pickled onions, tamarind, and a spicy mint. We shared samosas and mushroom pakora--good, but the lamb pakora was a little dry. Chicken saag was spicier than I expected, but I was pleasantly surprised because I love spice. All in all a good meal, albeit a little on the expensive side. Glad they're there!

              1. re: Marge

                I agree with Marge. It's surprisingly good. We've been a few times and like it a lot. The menu encompasses more than the usual selections, the portions are generous, and the service is very friendly. Sunday brunch includes an array of appetizers and bread delivered to the table, in addition to the buffet. I'll go back again soon and try to provide more details.

                1. re: spa

                  Good to know, thanks. We don't live in the immediate area but we go to the movies there somewhat often and always enjoyed Bollywood Bistro after the movie. We will have to try it out soon.