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Sep 20, 2012 04:52 AM

Comerc 24 who's been ?

Has anyone been . I have seen very mixed reviews on this place from amazing to dreadful ,
Just booked for a Thursday night but might change it for tapes 24 .

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  1. Did you end up going? How was it?

    We're off to Barcelona next week and have a lunch reservation there.


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      No not yet , not going till November would love to know what you think pls let me know . Thanks

    2. Been there, loved it a lot (2 years ago, oh my, time flies!!)

      Did a "tasting" menu with wine pairing, and all was very good.

      It is very different than TapaƧ24; Comerc is modern cuisine (sometimes borderline "molecular") while TapaƧ is Tapas.

      1. I had one of the dreadful experiences there back in July. Did the tasting menu, an really, more than anything it seemed like everyone - from servers to kitchen were phoning it in. Did the tasting menu...most courses were just okay, one was very good (a quenelle of foie rolled in crushed toasted corn) and a couple were horrible (the worst being a cold cauliflower soup that smelled and tasted of rancid gym socks). Really spent the last half of the meal cracking up with my SO watching people's reactions as they got that soup and being glad we got the shorter tasting menu.

        There are so many amazing restaurants in Barcelona, this one is past it's prime IMO.

        1. We were there a couple of days ago and my husband and I had quite different takes. It started badly when we arrived 5 minutes early (due to a mistake by the hotel) and the person at the front rudely chased us out I understand their asking us to wait outside but they were rude. We ordered the large tasting menu. Note that it doesn't include the excellent bread for which there 's an additional 8 euro charge per person (not mentioned by the server). I thought that the food was generally excellent--I liked the cauliflower soup--There was a fabulous oyster with beet foam. Lots of raw fish--all interesting. Only 2 failures in my opinion--pickled cauliflower and tough and tasteless rabbit (I've never had it so badly prepared and I order or when I can. They do all the showy stuff with service on rocks and bowls of rosemary infused steam to evoke woods. My husband found it a bit silly--he didn't find anything extraordinary I thought it was interesting with mostly excellent food but nothing except that oyster and the desserts that really impressed. If its your one high end place I'd think twice. I wouldn't go back--whereas if I could eat every week at Le Bernardin I would.

          1. I was there November 2012, and enjoyed it. I liked the design of the restaurant. The sommelier was very likable and gave us some delicious wines. I wasn't too impressed with some of the waiters who just seemed bored, and like they wanted to be somewhere else.

            I had the shorter tasting menu.

            Loved the start with the bread and different oils.
            LOVED the desserts

            They've probably changed the menu, but for me there were two bad dishes: the cauliflower soup and the rabbit risotto

            Overall a good experience. Molecular/experimental cooking isn't really my style though, so I guess if it's more your thing you'll probably enjoy the restaurant even more

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              Don't go! Was overpriced and nothing special... we wen to their sister restaurant Tapas, 24 and was more impressed...