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Sep 20, 2012 04:36 AM

Authentic recipe - Pixian dou ban jiang (chili bean paste)

I am looking for a Chinese recipe of Pixian dou ban jiang (chili bean paste).
I've made a similar type, a Japanese version, using koji rice, chilli, salt and broad beans but I believe the authentic recipe from Pixian does not include koji rice but uses wild yeasts, red chilli, sugar, flour, salt and broad beans and end product is supposed to be sweet and sour. They are stirred everyday for I don't know how long... (it's a cruecial point I think). Also another difference between Japanese and Chinese version is that the broad beans in Chinese version is left raw (I think, I could be wrong). It takes about one to eight years to make.

I want to try it myself but I can't find the recipe in English. Can anyone help?

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  1. Check out this Youtube video, it is interesting how they make it. They say it is fermented for 3 to 5 years. (It's the same company I get my doubanjiang from. Ingredients on the package: red chilis, broad beans, salt, wheat flour, vegetable oil).

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      Hi SteveRB
      Thank you very much for the link. Yes, that's the one I was inspired by.
      Even if I had the exact recipe, the taste will probably slightly different much like sourdough in San Francisco and ones from Australia would taste different even though same recipe may be used.

      I have a feeling that it will take a chinese person who can read chinese blogs or websites to find it. There must be a recipe out there but not in English.

    2. I would think that even in Chinese you will have a hard time finding a recipe.
      It is almost always purchased.

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        I found this video from an excellent program called "A bit of China".
        They do do make it at home. You can see how it's made but I just don't know the propotion. I'll get there eventually...I hope.