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I didn't see a thread devoted to feelgoodguru, the vegan/raw food place opposite Trinity Bellwoods Park, so I thought I'd start one.
So far I've tried their Tokyo Toss (noodles) their Cosmic Quinoa, and their avocado and cheese sandwich. All were good, though the 'bread' in the sandwich had a few giant salt crystals in it here and there.
I also had one of their desserts, but I can't remember what it was called. It too was nice, but suffered from the problem of raw food desserts, which usually end up having that coconut aftertaste.
Altogether I'd say it's a very nice (organic, locally sourced, vegan, raw) lunch place, if a bit on the expensive side.

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  1. I've had their raw wraps a few times -- they make for great picnic food. I'm a fan. I just wish it was less expensive, even though I understand it must cost them a fortune in ingredients (not to mention rent).