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Sep 20, 2012 12:25 AM

Thoughts on Attica?

I just nabbed a booking for a celebratory dinner at Attica, I've heard so much hype, just wanted to check the board for some opinions before I droped the cash and leave myself enough time for another booking. I have done Vue d. M and Jaques Reymond already, so I am running into a shortage of new, special evening type places to go. Is Attica as good as the hype or would I be happier repeating?

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  1. I wasn't that impressed, but lots of people are. I thought the dishes were clever but I also thought there were as many misses as hits. It is appallingly cheffy pretentious - 'a dish that was inspired by a mountain near chefs home' etc. I think I was also a bit tired, as was Mrs G which may have affected us. On the positives, their wine matching is excellent and very good value. I do think the price is excellent for the quality and it is easy to get to and park.

    I realise the above sound a bit negative, so to be clear - if I were you, I would go! Even if you don't like it, you can say you've been and you won't be massively out of pocket in a VdM kind of way.

    Edit: and it is very different to everything else in Melbourne

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      Mr G and I are usually pretty aligned in our thinking, but we has opposite experiences at Attica. It was one of my best meals of 2011 including The Ledbury in London, and Waku Ghin in Singapore. We were four meeting good old friends and our exuberance probably made it a great meal - I would definately return, better than a recent meal at Cutler and Co - which was far from shabby.

      1. re: PhilD

        I think it just shows how mood can affect a meal. Possibly why so many people have the best meals of their lives eating oysters on a rock, or a picnic on a hill near Milan.

        I think I was probably bitter as the dessert - a selection of Australian native fruits - was one of the least enjoyable dishes I have eaten.

        But: I would recommend you go.

        (PS Phil, did you get my email last week re HK?)

    2. Thanks guys, exactly what I was looking for, I was specifically looking for your thoughts when I posted as I am usually on board with your assessments and preferences. I checked a few of your previous posts but was surprised that neither of have commented on Attica in the past. I will keep the booking and def. go for the wine flight.

      By the way, moved next to Wayside Inn in South Melbourne recently, becoming an expensive, but enjoyable habit! Great menu, great service. Worth checking out. As a local it rules, but worth the trip across town for their rotisserie specials. The lamb (Wednesday nights) is beautiful, you get chops, loin, and a stuffed saddle, perfectly cooked and creative with the sides. Friday, tonight, is suckling pig, looking forward to trying it. They also have a trotter as a permanent fixture on the menu, which is always a good sign.

      I will go in with an open mind and let you know how it went. Very excited,too bad I need to wait a month!