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Sep 19, 2012 11:44 PM

Kosher Thanksgiving - San Diego, CA

Anyone have ideas about a kosher caterer or a kosher place for takeout for Thanksgiving in San Diego? We are looking for turkey, traditional side dishes and desserts, but are very flexible about the exact menu. An elderly relative really wants to host Thanksgiving, but she can't cook, and doesn't want me to. to that end, I think we are fairly flexible about pricing, and would be happy with anything from very casual to very formal.

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  1. There are a bunch of caterers listed here. I can't speak to them but perhaps some of our SoCal friends can.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      This list is pretty bogus. Most of these places no longer exist or are no longer kosher. Call Felicia G, Charles Rubin, Morris Derey, Simcha or the JCC cafe. Ralph's might do it if none of the others will. La Cafe is lovely but dairy and Renaissance is "self supervised."

      Make sure that you tell them you want San Diego Va'ad supervision. Be prepared to be shocked at the cost. :(

      1. re: SoCal Mother

        Thanks you for the specific ideas. These are all worth exploring.

        I would be okay with "self-supervised" as long as the folks are using a kosher kitchen, kosher ingredients, etc. I definitely think hiring a mashgiach to supervise one meal would be cost-prohibitive.

        Thankfully I am not paying! The host really wants kosher catering to accomodate the needs of some parts of the group, so I think she is okay with paying.

        1. re: milklady

          Just be sure that the people who want kosher are ok with "self-supervised".

          1. re: avitrek

            I will confirm, but I think they'll think of it like eating in someone else's kosher home. (The kosher folks identify as Conservative if that helps give a guideline.) If you have reasons to think they will not actually be kosher please let me know.

      2. re: DeisCane

        Thanks! I did see this list when I googled, but it's hard to know how to really navigate it. I appreciate your help.

      3. I have used Felicia, Charles and Morris for parties. All 3 are fine. Felicia works out of Adat Yeshurun in La Jolla, Charles is at Chabad of Scripps Ranch and Morris is out of Chabad of University City. Felicia is American so she might be more likely to know what you want, but on the other hand she might be having her own thanksgiving. With Morris and Charles you should be more specific about what you want.