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Sep 19, 2012 11:45 PM

Indian Groceries in Albuquerque - Bombay Spice

There's a new store selling Indian groceries and spices in Albuquerque called Bombay Spice. It's at 6514 Central Ave SE between San Pedro and Louisiana ((505) 232-6661). Ta Lin's selection in the Indian aisle has been getting pretty inconsistent, and Indo-Pak: More Than A Store seems to be focussing more on the porn and smoking aids portion of their business than food, so it's nice to have this place.

They carry all the usual Indian stuff, plus a pretty wide array of packaged breads and curries. They may have the lowest priced basmati rice in town (although CostCo sometimes has it cheaper) and they carry things like Raagi (or Finger Millet) flour, that are hard to find in NM. We've found the customer service to be outstanding. If there's anything South Asian food-related that you need and they don't have, the owner will order it for you.

Please stop by this place and check it out. I know the Indian population in NM isn't very large, but it would be great if this clean, well-run and interesting shop could stay in business.

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  1. Reviving this thread because this place just seems to get better and better. Some things seen there lately: fresh, cheap garlic scapes, curry leaves, bitter gourd and okra; 5 lb bags of excellent frozen Halal goat meat; neem-based soaps and lotions; sandalwood bath powder; hand-crank stainless steel coconut graters (great devices, especially if you cook Thai and Indonesian food); heavy brass mortars and pestles; blue steel chapati/tortilla pans. All this along with the usual: a huge range of grains, beans, lentils, flours, preserves and dried spices that seem a lot fresher than at Ta Lin and that are often cheaper.

      1. Thanks for the info! I'm in SF and don't have a car, so I only rarely make it to Albuquerque, but I saw a billboard last time I was there and wondered if this place was any good. Next time I'll definitely stop in!

        1. Agreed! I had seen this place while driving by, and ended up shopping there several times when the COTM was _660 Curries_, and since. They had almost everything I needed, and at good prices. I've always been offered quick, friendly help. The guy even looked up an ingredient on the internet for me, to determine whether what they had was what I needed with a different name. However, I've never seen another customer, so I'm a bit worried about their long-term success. (Excited to hear about the scapes -- I'll have to swing by!)