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Sep 19, 2012 11:07 PM

48 hours in LA this weekend


I should have done more planning, but the guy I am dating is visiting LA this weekend for 48 hours. I haven't lived here since I was a kid so there are a bunch of places that friends are recommending, but I trust this blog the more than my friends, so I turn to you to vet their recommendations or suggest your own.

Background details: We will be staying in Silverlake, ideally would like to spend one day on the westside and another on eastside. We are unlikely to make it to San Gabriel Valley. I'm a vegaquarian but he will eat mostly anything. He likes interesting Thai or Indian.
We hail from SF, places there we like for reference are: Flour & Water, Wise Sons Deli, Haven, State Bird Provisions, but I also like the veggie burritos from Cancun taqueria.

Places in LA I'm considering:
On the westside- Sushi Zo, Gjelina, A-Frame, Sushi-Zo, Malibu Seafood.
Mid City- pizzeria mozza, Street, animal or Son of a Gun.
Eastside- I'm at a loss, my favorite place recently is in Downtown LA, Le Comptoir, but it appears to now only be open on Mondays and Tuesday. I am grateful that at least it is still open, but it isn't a possibility for the weekend. Aside from that in Silverlake friends are suggesting Cliff's Edge and in Echo Park, Red hill?
further afield: Saddle Peak Lodge or Inn at Seventh Reyes?
I only need to end up with 2 places for dinner and 2 for lunch. Hopefully places that don't need reservations to be made more than a day in advance.

PS I realize this is a bit all over the map, but that's where my head is at the moment.

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  1. As good as Sushi Zo can be, you might enjoy Shunji more--in addition to the excellent seafood, he has an amazing way with vegetables that you won't see at most other places. Another Westside spot to consider is Tar & Roses. For mid-city, I like your choices except for street, which I have found to be disappointing over multiple visits; if you eat and like cheese, you might consider the outstanding selections at the Mozzarella Bar at Osteria Mozza (seating is first come, first served).

    1. Check out and consider dinner at Red Medicine in Beverly Hills as an addition to your list. You can find some reviews here:

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      1. I like Son of a Gun. You can probably sit at the bar or the communal table. The Thai spot would be Jitlada in Hollywood/Thai Town. In the Silverlake area, you should track down Ricky's Fish Tacos.

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        1. re: mc michael

          +1 on son of a gun. Bonus, they are open for lunch too, so you can take advantage of that. They weren't very busy at lunchtime when I went last week.

          I think you'll get a better meal + experience at one of the sushi spots suggested above than a place like Malibu Seafood. They are basically a shack on the side of PCH. If you are going up that way anyway, it's good. But beware of heinous traffic up & down pch all weekend long, especially if its nice & hot inland. Definitely check out menus for inn @ 7th ray & saddle peak lodge before trekking up there.

          I know there's a lot of cool bars & spots in and around Echo Park & downtown. Haven't been anywhere myself but I'm sure other hounds can give solid recs here.

          1. re: Dirtywextraolives

            +2 for both Son of a Gun and Ricky's Fish Tacos. Also a big fan of Saddle Peak lodge and they have a great Sunday Brunch too.

          2. re: mc michael

            Hi Do you like Jitlada better than Ruen Pair?

            1. re: miracleberry

              Each has its virtues. Ruen Pair is open late, has very little atmosphere, but has some good dishes: Chinese pork and olive (not vegaquarian, I know), fried morning glory stems, the usual papaya salad.
              Jitlada is more atmospheric but the service is sometimes problematic/slow. But Jitlada does have seriously spicy Southern Thai dishes which are worth trying if you aren't familiar with that style.

          3. Not sure if you're only doing sit-down restaurants, but Ricky's Fish Tacos is lots of fun for lunch. and really close to Silver Lake. The fish and shrimp are fantastic, and might be a nice break from the other places you'll probably be going.

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            1. re: sidwich

              Ricky's is great, but I only like the fish tacos there. Have tried the shrimp (somewhat bland) and the lobster (which I don't think fries well).

              1. re: ilysla

                agree.... the fish tacos are by far the best at Ricky's.

                1. re: ilysla

                  I have lots of friends that love the shrimp, GF included. I don't think they're as magical as the fish though. I also agree that the lobster tacos are not as good as the other 2.

                  Ricky's special = fish and shrimp in the same taco.

                  1. re: ns1

                    Is that what it's called? I just ordered the fish and shrimp combo w/o giving it a special name. ;)

                    The thing that was fun about the lobster taco was that it was HUGE (they had to serve it on two of the tortillas)....

              2. on the Eastside, forget all the places you mentioned. Instead try Barbrix, Mother Dough (pizza), Canele, or the newly opened Mess Hall.