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Sep 19, 2012 10:28 PM

After City Hall Wedding dinner for 30 on a Monday in SF

I am trying to figure out the best place to have dinner after my wedding at SF city hall. We will have about 30 people, it will be on a Monday in early December. We don't want it to be too upscale or expensive but I do want it to have nice lighting and atmosphere. A couple of kids are coming. I am not looking for a wedding reception vibe, more of a dinner party. It doesn't need to be private, but it can be. I'm hoping it'll be a place that can fit us all at one big table. As far as food we are open to all kinds, I want it to be yummy and kind of special but that doesn't mean it has to be flawless.
Thanks, any suggestion are greatly appreciated.

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  1. Absinthe. One of the nicest dinner parties with friends I had, I had there. Meets all criteria, and is even a walk from city hall.

    ... and isn't open on monday. Drat.

    Hayes Street Grill?

    1. Zuni, Absinthe, Bar Jules would be great choices, but are all closed Mondays. Jardeniere does a prix fix on Monday nights, menu is posted online at lease a month in advance. It's $49pp, including wine pairings. Plenty of food, and usually nothing too adventurous so would be good for a multi-generation group and/or picky eaters. Not sure if they'd honor the prix fix for your group, but if so that would be awesome and you'd get more than your money's worth for sure.

      I'd rule out the Boxing Room since the service is so-so. Hayes St Grill is just ok, and I think costs more than it's worth AND the lighting is bad. If you don't mind a loud, bustling space, Nojo could work for lots of small plates to share and celebrate. We did New Years Eve there and it was really fun for the special occasion. Plaj has great food, and could easily accommodate your group at one large table in back. Also, look into Dobbs Ferry, the food is good, they could accommodate your group for sure. Rich Table may be more than you'd want to spend, but is really amazing food. I've only ever sat at the bar at Rich Table, though, so I don't know how the service is.

      Good luck, and report back!

      1. Le Colonial can host parties, is pretty affordable, and the food is good. Not super near city hall though.

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