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Sep 19, 2012 10:29 PM

First Hong Kong Style Seafood?

Trying to remember what the first Hong Kong style seafood restaurant was in the Bay Area and all I could think of was Harbor Village. However I think that only dated back to the mid-1980s. Was there something earlier?

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  1. Ocean Palace in San Jose opened in the late 70's. I first went there in 1982 and was told they had been open for 5 years. They were featured in the SJ newspaper in the mid-80's, at the time they also owned a diner in the Los Gatos area and another Chinese restaurant in SJ. Ownership changed in the 90s.

    Chef Chu's in Los Altos was serving "Hong Kong inspired" dishes in the mid-70s.

    1. Yuet Lee opened (or was taken over by the Yu family) in 1977.