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Cayucos gas station cinnamon rolls: any good news?

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I make it to the central coast just once or twice a year, and I noticed a 2011 thread reporting that the once -awesome cinnamon rolls & other baked goods at the Cayucos gas station are no longer worth stopping for. Since it's been awhile, I thought I'd see if anyone has more recent feedback. Thanks for any help!

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  1. Not sure what has happened, but quality is down. Better baked goods are at the Old Cayucos Bakery behind Hoppe's. They do the baking for Hoppe's Restaurant.

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      Ok, thanks for the intel. really sorry to hear it!

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        New owners with no interest or skill.

        At the OCB, not sure the baker is still there--I think I heard he'd moved over to Templeton. But it was very good last winter when I stopped. They close by about 3 or 4. Fine artisan breads and sturdy cookies. Worth checking out, and let us know.

        Brown Butter Cookie Co. is up the street, sorta pricey and small, and not eye-rolling to me. Area Cyclists like the pastries and coffees at Kelly's across the street, and the Dogs in Morro Bay on Main St downtown by Coalesce Bookstore.