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Sep 19, 2012 08:34 PM

Is hollandaise freezable?

Even with cutting the recipe in halfs or thirds, there's a lot of hollandaise leftover...which I can't have because then it calls to me from the fridge.."Silky, rich, velvetty, yummy sauce...put me on EVERYTHING..eggs, meat, english muffins, sandwiches....!" Then it's pull out the fat pants and the skim milk. So if I can freeze it in, say, three or four indulgent but small portions, and have the same consistency when it thaws out, that would be nice.

Anyone done this successfully?

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  1. No.

    Once it gets cool enough it will break. I understand adding some cream can make it less fragile, but I doubt even that trick will make it freeze well.

    1. I have never tried it. Often, I save my extra hollandaise in the fridge but it never comes all the way back and usually breaks to some extent when used again. Sometimes, I will scoop out small portions of the cold hollandaise, let them come to room temp and then put the little scoops on my poached eggs or hot asparagus. Still tastes good and doesn't lose all of its original emulsification. My guess is that freezing it would not work well.

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        Oh, well....pass the spoon....

        Thanks, Brandon & Willa!

      2. never! use it to help bind foods stuffs like crabcakes -croquettes-crab or seafood type stuffing for fish or mushrooms

        1. Left over hollandaise? This is a joke, right?

          1. No, and you can't freeze mayo either. I know both of these from experience. Yuck.