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Sep 19, 2012 08:10 PM

toaster oven recommendation

after many years of service, my toaster oven needs to be replaced. any suggestions? i don't need to be able to cook a 12 inch pizza; 4 slices of bread at a time is fine. i'm looking for a smaller size one rather than a mini-oven!
what ever happened to the good old days when you just bought an inexpensive black and decker and it lasted forever?

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  1. There have been other posts about toaster ovens. A search will confirm my vote which is for the Breville Smart Oven.

    This is a solid appliance, although toasting is still not too speedy. Yet, the multi-settings permit the type of toast that you might like. Also, I have not seen too many discounts for this oven.

    We have enjoyed ours for a few years now and it is as good now as the first day of use.

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    1. re: liu

      thanks for your recommendation. i did some research and noticed that more than a few people noted that although they LOVED their smart oven initially, one of the heating elements stopped working about 1 1/2 - 2 years in. i guess you did not experience this?

      1. re: betsey

        No, betsey, we have had no problems with ours. It is a purchase that I have never regretted.

    2. We've had the "regular" non-convection toaster oven for 2 years now and have had no issues. Seems nice and solid.

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        Mine (for a year) is similar looking Frididaire

        The controls are all digital; the knobs are little more than up/down buttons. Some functions are bit silly, but the basic bake is just fine. It is a pseudo-convection - that is, there is a fan in the side wall that circulates the hot air. Heat is provided by 4 elements.

        It's pretty well replaced the regular oven for things like biscuits (2 c batch fits nicely), casseroles for 2 people, and braising (it holds a shallow 10" dutch oven). I still prefer a slot toaster for most toast.

        The 12" pizza capacity is nice, since it lets me use a variety of pans, including an 8" cast iron skillet with handle. I was tempted to get a quarter-sheet pan, but at 13" wide the fit will be tight.

        One thing that didn't work well was quick bread in 9" loaf pans - the loaf top was too close to the upper elements.

      2. I love my Breville smart oven. We have the full size. I've cooked pies, cakes, loaf breads ect and all have come out great. It also is wonderful and evenly browned toast. Ours is used multiple times a day. Our old toaster oven was basically just used for toast. No issues with the heating elements and we have it for about 2 years.