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Sep 19, 2012 08:02 PM

Lebanese ingredients in Calgary

I want to make Nammoura and need rose water and orange blossom water. I've looked in Superstore and T&T without any success. Does anyone know where I might find them? I will try looking at Shaganappi Grocery tomorrow.

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  1. Village Bakery in Short Pants Plaza (28th Street SE & Memorial Dr.) has always been my go to place for Lebanese and other Middle Eastern supplies.

    I'm assuming they are still there as I've been out of Calgary the past couple of years.

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    1. re: vanderb

      They are definitely still there though I can't confirm they have the ingredients listed.

    2. I bought rose water at Dalbrent Spice Rack last year .. not sure if they have orange blossom water...
      3604 - 52 Avenue NW
      (403) 289-1409

      1. I've seen both at Cookbooks Co on 11th Ave SW. However, they are more expensive than ethnic grocers. I bought my rose water (for at least $5 less) at Atlas Specialty on 9th Ave SW.

        I've also seen both at Silk Road Spices (in Inglewood) but again, they were not cheap.

        1. I'd bet kalamata grocery sells those items too.

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          1. re: marcopolo

            We have a winner! They did indeed have them, and for only $3/bottle.
            Thanks everyone for the suggestions!

            1. re: Jasz

              Lina's Italian market also carries these and harissa paste. harissa paste was only 2.99 for a large tube.

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                Kalamata...fabulous I have been looking for some without having to pay $15.00 for it.