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Sep 19, 2012 07:48 PM

ISO: Lamb Neck

Hi everyone. Just wondering if anyone knows a good place in the GTA to buy lamb neck. Never been to one of em halal butchers but doesn't matter really. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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  1. Sanagan's, the excellent butcher in the Kensington Market, buys the whole beast from local farms, so I'm pretty sure he could supply you with some neck of lamb. Anyway, it's worth a phone call to ask..

    1. I discussed this with one of the butchers at the Butcher by Nature on Annette St. at Runnymede. He could likely supply you as well.

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        Definitely consider a halal butcher. I purchased a whole lamb, slaughtered a day earlier, and they butchered it to my specifications. I was able to take home impeccably fresh ground lamb leg for raw kibbee, I had lamb neck for stew, shanks, chops, roasts, etc. I was able to take any auxiliary bones for soup stocks. They even threw in a couple of extra heads, since they were unable to let me take the trotters (even though I'd paid for them, in theory).

        If you're only looking for neck, just find a halal butcher and call ahead to confirm that they can get it, and request it.

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          Hi 1sweetpea/ Is there a halal butcher you would recommend?

      2. Iqbal Halal is a busy butcher shop near Thorncliffe and Overlea. They are always working on lamb, goat or mutton carcasses. The adjoining grocery is fine for middle eastern and Asian foods and spices.

        1. Call Louis Meats on the Danforth or La Boucherie in SLM.