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Sep 19, 2012 05:03 PM

La Caye--great Haitian food across from BAM

Is it possible that no one has posted anything about this Haitian restaurant across from BAM? I did a search (maybe not thorough enough) and saw nothing. How sad!

I ate there about 2 months ago and thought it was very good.

Meant to post but went on vacation and forgot.

So many Caribbeans in Brooklyn, and I live in PLG, a super Caribbean nabe, but the food has always been a bit too heavy for me. This place is more subtle, but also, I think, quite authentic. Also, its Haitian and I don't know any other Haitian places.

Memory of what I ate a bit foggy i fear. Some kind of salt fish pate which was okay, but a couple other things were better. Conch--a special that day--was delicious. Cant remember how it was prepared though. Seem to also recall having red snapper that was very good. Owner was a bit timid as he felt he wasn't dressed properly or some silliness. He gently made some suggestions and we got to chatting. This is his first Haitian restaurant. He brought in sisters (twins, as I recall!) from Haiti to do the cooking.

Please try it. The decor may be a slight turn off (not awful but not great either). Also, we sat in the patio at first and the a/c from inside sent an unpleasant blast of heat out there.

But I really want to see this guy succeed. He's doing lots of things right and I don't know anywhere else to find food like this.

Prices also quite reasonable as i recall.

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  1. thanks, what a surprise, will check it out! Im wondering have you been to Kombit on Flatbush Ave as a possible point of comparison?

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      confess i haven't. seem to recall i have heard good things--or maybe read them on old posts on this site. have you tried it? how about the heaviness factor?

      1. re: danf1970

        its been a long time because the first (and only) time we ate there it was fairly incompetent.
        not sure what you mean about the heaviness factor - if you mean a lot of stews,big plates of rice and peas and and green bananas, not that we noticed. As I recall we had fish - I had conch creole which was very disappointing compared to the eyeopening conch with pikliz I remembered from Haiti;, everything was bland. and uninteresting. but this was long ago and I suspect it is better than our experience was.

    2. This is exciting news, because I spent some time in Les Cayes a few years ago and have incredible memories of the countryside, the people and the food. Hope I can get some authentic lambi there!

      1. What a nice surprise! The place was very lively Friday night, with a three-person jazz combo. We had only the "poulet creole" - traditional stewed chicken, which was flavorful but not heavy. Also the sangrias with basil were delicious. Definitely worth a try, and it's right across from BAM, next to Berlyn.

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          I've now been there three times. Always pleased with the food and the service. In fact, if you tell your server you're trying to make a curtain at BAM, you'll be out in time. The garden in the back is a very pleasant place to sit if the weather is nice.