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Sep 19, 2012 04:35 PM

Recommendations for Tasting Menu

For the past five years, my husband and I have enjoyed our anniversary dinner in Boston. This year, we will be spending our anniversary in Las Vegas, and we are looking for something similar.

We are looking for a restaurant that offers a nice tasting menu, good wine pairing, and great service (good view is a plus). At our usual place, we received ~13-15 courses of modern French cuisine with a thoughtful wine pairing. I like having many courses since I like tasting small amounts of many different dishes, but I could also do less. We are not so particular about types of cuisine, and we are adventurous diners.

We are hoping to keep the bill at ~$300-350 per person with drinks. btw, we will be dining on a Monday in October.

Are there restaurants like this on/near the strip? Do we need to rethink our budget?

Thank you so much!

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  1. You should consider either the tasting menu at Joel Robuchon or e by Jose Andres. I've dined at both and they're both excellent. Choose Robuchon for classic French cuisine in a beautiful setting with very polished service. Choose e for very creative Spanish cuisine seated at a counter with a maximum of 8 guests watching the chef prepare the meal in front of you. Both are multi-course tastings. Dinner at Robuchon will last 3 - 4 hours; dinner at e will last about 2 1/2 hours. Both offer wine pairings.

    EDIT: you will need to check as to whether the restaurants are open on Mondays.

    1. With a request for double digit courses in tasting menu, the other heavy hitters in town, besides two that ellenost mentioned, are Guy Savoy at Caesars and Twist at Mandarin Oriental.

      1. From an ambience standpoint, one of the outdoor cabana tables at Bartolotta (Wynn) might be a good fit for this kind of occasion. Note that their tasting menu is done a little differently. Instead of one course at a time, it will be four stages - salads/appetizers (6-7 offerings), pasta (three), main protein course, and dessert (usually too many). You may not get to pair a different wine with each individual component, but it can also be relaxing to have fewer service changes, and to allow the flavors to play off of each other (especially in the first course).