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Sep 19, 2012 04:33 PM

Help with Christmas gift idea... Homemade Mustard and ???

I'm working on figuring Christmas gifts. I want to make something I can prepare ahead of time. DH liked the idea of homemade mustard - so, I plan to make some spicy brown mustard (in mid-October) and put it in jars, etc as gifts. But, that doesn't seem enough of a gift. Any ideas of something else to accompany the spicy mustard??

I know pretzels are a given, but I won't have time to be whipping up batches of pretzels the week before Christmas.

The other idea I had was to do different types of mustard - and gift a mustard trio, or something like that... but that felt like mustard overload! ...especially for whomever I gift that doesn't like mustard!

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  1. My first thought was also pretzels. :)
    What about a homemade ketchup? I've never made any, it just seemed to go with the mustard.

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    1. re: hippiechickinsing

      This was my thought, too. I make all sorts of awesome ketchups. Why not make mustard, a BBQ sauce and/or bacon jam with caramelized onions?

      Seasoning blends and rubs also make great gifts.

      So doesn't go with mustard but I make vanilla bean extract for Christmas gifts.

      1. re: chefathome

        Fantastic ideas!! I'm laughing that I didn't think of ketchup! I've been wanting to make bacon jam for ages, so I may just try this! How long do you think ketchup, BBQ sauce and/or bacon jam would last (refrigerated)?

        Any killer recipes anyone would care to share? (I will scour the boards as well).

        ...I made a mean BBQ rub a few months ago (if only I wrote down the exact measurements!) but I was also thinking about recreating that for gifts but felt it needed something else - a BBQ sauce + rub would be great!

        @chefathome -I was seriously considering vanilla bean extract this year, but opted against it after wading through all the various threads about bean to vodka ratios and needing 6 months to create. Perhaps for 2013! :)

        1. re: The Oracle

          Bacon jam lasts for at least a month in the fridge - I make it regularly and I've never had it go bad. It also freezes really well (at least my recipe for it does).

          1. re: biondanonima

            I'm really loving the bacon jam idea. Care to share your recipe? The ones I've been finding online are either a bourbon bacon or ones that add coffee.... both sound interesting! Glad there is time to experiment!

            Edit to add: Found this thread and now my head is really spinning! There's even a version with port! YUM


            1. re: The Oracle

              Yeah, my recipe has evolved but it is still fairly similar to the Homesick Texan one I referenced in that thread. I would call that my "usual" bacon jam, but I have made many variations, including a non-spicy version with maple syrup and caramelized onions, etc. I need to try a port version soon!

    2. Homemade crackers
      And a great recipe for using the mustard

      1. Cheese straws
        Chutney, relish, pickles
        Pretty jar of soup mix or bread mix. Maybe beer bread mix with a fancy bottle of beer.
        Seasoned nuts -- sweet, savory, or spicy
        Chex mix
        Cookies or candy don't exactly combine with mustard, but no one would complain!

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        1. re: Tara57

          A mustard spoon tied to jar with a nice ribbon and bow?

          1. re: Bethcooks

            Love the mustard spoon idea! Thank you!

        2. Pickled grapes...I made those for gifts last year along with sweet & spicy nuts. Though not to everyone's taste, they were a hit with most. I love them!

          1. Would you be interested in making a flavoured vinegar or oil? Then they'd have the makings of a nice vinaigrette.

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            1. re: grayelf

              That is an excellent idea! I've never ventured into flavored vinegars or oils, but I love the idea of gifting the components for a vinaigrette!