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Sep 19, 2012 03:13 PM

Lunch bet. Rhinebeck, NY and West Point

We will be driving from Rhinebeck to West Point on Saturday afternoon/early evening and would like to have a casual meal (preferably with a view of the Hudson). Any suggestions?

Thank you.

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  1. I really like Hudson Hil's in Cold Spring, but it doesn't have a view of the Hudson. You can walk down Main Street to the river (about 5-6 blocks). Cute shops. You will need to make reservations, even though it's casual. You could also grab lunch at Cafe Lola's in Poughkeepsie, go up the stairs right down the block and picnic on The Walkway. Amazing views.

    1. I like the Raccoon Saloon, request a table with a waterfall view.

      I have had and enjoyed the mussels, calamari over curried greens and the burger.

      Also the Thayer hotel at West Point has stunning Hudson views, however I can't vouch for the food as I haven't eaten there.

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      1. re: chowdom

        Thanks CHs - great suggestions all.
        I'm leaning toward Raccoon Saloon - will let you know where we end up.

        1. re: prio girl

          Raccoon Saloon was excellent - thanks for the suggestion, chowdom. Good menu, excellent service and, yes, we got a table with a breathtaking view of the waterfall and the Hudson River

          Without your suggestion, we would have driven right past it. The outside, although attractive, gives no clue as to the extraordinary view. Lovely!

      2. There are several restaurants on the waterfront in Newburgh with nice Hudson views. One is aled Torches on the Hudson, which may e the sister restaurant of Shadows on the Hudson in Piughkeepsie.