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TriBeCa, table for one?

In TriBeCa at the Cosmopolitan Hotel across from Chambers St subway station. I'm looking for a casual, fun place to grab a bite before pulling an all-nighter at work. Since it's on the company dime, I can't spend more than $40 or so (no drinks, of course).

So, great food for the guy flying solo?

Thanks in advance,


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  1. Agree with previous poster on Locanda Verde or Odeon. My favorite standbys.

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        How is the servive at the bar at locanda Verde? We had not very good table service this past Sunday but enjoyed the food a lot and were thinking the bar might be the way to go if we go back some time.

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          Bar service has been fine every time I've eaten there.

      2. I've done Locanda - very nice. Looking to try something new. Anyone been to Zutto?

        1. The bars at North End Grill or Marc Forgione, maybe?

          1. Maybe Blaue Gans would work. Casual and delicious Austrian cuisine. Their Salzbuger Nockerl (think souffle) is wonderful.

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              Blau Gans is a good suggestion. Petit Abeille is good and in the price range Thursday Lobster Special $27 including a beer and fries. Or mussels in beer and bacon sauce , 2 lbs for $22 and fries. Both are about a block away from your hotel

            2. Edwards is right there and a good local place.


              Landmarc might push that budget but it's excellent.


              1. thanks for all the great advice. here were my selections:

                1st night: Zutto
                Spare Rib Buns and Classic Ramen - both very tasty. Giant bowl of broth.

                2nd night: Odeon
                French Onion Soup (AMAZING! wonderful rosemary flavor)
                Baby Beet Salad (delicious and fresh)
                Small Steak Tartare (very tasty, but texture was a bit off - too much like a burger patty)
                ICE CREAM!!!! house-made chocolate, pistachio and coffee. some of the best I have ever eaten!

                3rd day: Petite Abeille (brunch)
                Lobster Omelette with shallot, sour cream and tomato- i'm guessing with leftovers from Thu night.
                very, very well balanced and warm. leek mashed potatoes and a small salad were a very nice touch.

                thanks again! i'll check our Edwards next time. I've been to Landmarc and was very impressed.